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I paid for sex a few weeks ago
July 9, 2014, 6:17 pm
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I have a client I see for a 6 hour booking every week so I’m always having to come up with new stuff to do. Sooooo, I decided while I was scraping around the bottom of the barrel it was “go to a brothel and book me every trans worker in the joint brothel night”.


WTF with meets?! Horrible horrible awkward terrible experience. I felt like I had to choose them all so I didn’t make any of them feel awful or unworthy or whatever. Luckily this was part of my plan anyway…. BUT THEN ONE OF THEM DECLINED MY BOOKING!!! I was a smidge offended!! Like I was fucking gutted. Because I’m a Prodomme I also had to sit there worried about who I booked because I’m a tad out there and my booking was going to be ridiculously out there and I didn’t want to break any of their brains.

OMG and sitting in the room you do the meet in… there was a chair and a bed to sit on. Where am I supposed to sit? On the bed, on the chair, should I sit up straight, should I slouch, how do I stop shaking, how do I make my client look less offensive to these women? What’s going to make the worker more relaxed. OMG IS THERE ETTIQUETTE I DON’T KNOW?!?!?! Should I shake their hand? Should I not shake their hand? Should I wait for them to tell me to sit down when they walk into the room rather than introducing myself and then sitting down without waiting for them to tell me to? This whole god awful situation is fraught with DANGER!

AAARGH when you have to discuss what services they provide… how do you say “I don’t mean to be rude, but do you have a willy and does it work and will you stick it in someone’s bottom or just their mouth, or will you only allow willies to be stuck in you and how and where and what are the limits and and and and and! It was a bloody nightmare HORRIBLE conversation I had to have 6 TIMES as I intro’ed all the trans workers.

THEN I had to negotiate the rate. Now granted it was not my money I was spending but HORRIBLE experience to discuss the rate. I didn’t want to offend them or worse… make them feel like a piece of meat so I made my client stick his fingers in his ears and then sing Elvis Presley songs while I talked business. I didn’t think it was polite for them to have to negotiate which my client who may have been prone to negotiate (although I have trained him not to be so rude and crass), but I just thought it was more polite for them to just talk to me. We sorted out a price and then I tipped them all accordingly… just a hint if you book sex workers … tip HUGE MASSIVE BIG GINORMOUS because it will be reflected in your experience 😉 I never thought of it when someone tipped me, but when I tipped these workers the booking was exceptional. They worked like troopers! Waaay better value for money than I’ve ever been.

Then navigating the bloody room… am I allowed to bounce around on the bed? Am I allowed to dance on the bed because I’m bored now? How do I tell the other workers to stop working so hard because it’s gonna make me look bad because I NEVER work that hard? Aaargh there’s NO BIN IN THE ROOM!!! Where do I put my dirty gloves and condoms?! AAARGH there’s no spare towels in the room so what do I put my dirty dildo’s and butt plugs on?! AAARGH they’ve got piped disco music coming into the room and I can’t find the switch to turn it up!!! HOW DO I TURN UP THE MUSIC?!?!? AARGH there’s STAINS ON THE SHEETS ON THE BED!!! AAARGH there’s no towel to put under the client while he kneels on the carpet so butt juice is going to go all over the floor. AAARGH they’re only given 2 condoms and a few sachets of lube and I used them up in the first 20 seconds of the booking and I have 14 butt toys to go that all need condoms. WHERE DO I GET MORE CONDOMS?! Where’s the gloves?!?! Again…. aaargh with difficulty and needing to over think.

So yerrrrrs, all in all my experience paying for sex was KILL ME!!!

It gave me great insight into what clients go through. Made me laugh at you all hahahaa… but I’m a sadist specialising in humiliation and degradation in my workspace…. but gosh I feel for you at the same time. An absolutely gut wrenching, verging on traumatic experience. One thing it definitely taught me is clients who choose to be rude douche bags make that choice consciously. I was so over powered by not wanting to offend the workers, not wanting to make their life difficult, wanting to impress upon them I respect them and their rules I was almost paralysed. Guys who come into my work and do meets and are incredibly rude I believe they do that because they lack empathy and are basic pricks.

Anyhooo yerrr paying for sex… HELL NO! FREAKED ME ALL KINDS OF OUT!!!

Would I do it again…. HELL NO! I had to work way to hard to keep up with these workers and their professionalism! From the second I walked into the place I was all kinds of stressed out.

Will I do it again…. HELL YES! It was an awesome laugh and my client loved it.