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and then the day got cheerier!
May 11, 2011, 4:44 am
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So I was having a shitty day… but then I was walking back from Fetish and I saw this stuck to a lamp post…

and I thought DAM RIGHT!

so I went and watched scary movies with a friend. We watched Freddy Kruger – the last one that came out and it was BAD! They didn’t even kill everyone with blond hair! It was so ungorry it was a disgrace to the genre! This bit was good but…

I would be frightened if Freddy came for me while I was sitting in the bath tub! Brings new meeting to the term “golden shower”.

Anywaaaaay, thanks to the lovely people who sent me a message cheering me up because I wasn’t happy and stuff. I really appreciated them. I was very cheery when they binged thru on my phone so thank you for being lovely.

You all have a brilliant day and I’m going to bed now.




ps. oow oow I also saw this

CONGRATS to Rachel and everyone who contributed to making the film! Finally a piece of work that is about the reality of sex work, sexuality and disability. It is also refreshingly sex and sex work positive! Do you know how hard it is to find any media that is sex work positive?!


Shite Day!
May 10, 2011, 1:26 pm
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Hello people’s!

I’m having a craptastical day 😦 Soooo I thought I’d write a blog and have a sook, but that’s boring so I’m going to House of Fetish to slither into some latex to make myself feel better (and hopefully get my latex pants replaced. Look what happened to them and only on the 2nd or 3rd time I wore them – and noooo it’s not because my butt is so vast it has it’s own postcode and town planner. They were droopy because they were a size too big for me so that can’t be it).

Stupid broken latex pants

However, in happier latex news, I found a latex corset I haven’t worn since I bought it 5 years ago. I didn’t like it back then I just bought it because of my addiction issue, but now I like it! I show you why….


And for anyone else who is having a substandard shite day, I offer this….


I took this on the North Side and it made me go WOOOOAH!


ps. I’m moving my blog off this WordPress garbage. I can’t live with this formatting issue. Ooow I’m grumpy hahahaa.

Sex on a bus
May 9, 2011, 12:27 am
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Don’t do it!

Look at that! You’d die! That’s the hand grip thingy on the bus seats. People actually touch that! They had to have – look how aaauuuurck it is!

So don’t have sex on a bus. Stick to trains, planes and automobiles.

Stay safe and stay healthy people. Practice niiiice cleeeeean sex hahaa.



The Boy in my Life..
May 5, 2011, 11:31 pm
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Ok I am now going to tell you about something personal… shite one sec I need to do something first….

Ok I back! SHAZAM!

So I have a male in my life. There has been pressure applied by the boy and others for me to give up the sex industry for him. I keep explaining to him that running away to the country or suburbia is not an option because he doesn’t work so I have to support us both as a sex worker so I have to live in the City. He refuses to move in with me in the City but, so he is to remain at home with mum and dad until I can work out some way for us both to be together and live happily ever after.

I love him to bits. I can’t believe I have to go days and days without seeing him. It literally feels like my heart is being ripped out via my throat and reimplanted via my butt hole. I can’t stand not hugging him and having him in my bed making me feel warm and loved every night. I miss him looking at me, smiling at me and loving me. I miss cooking for him every day, I miss shopping for him, I miss cleaning for him, I miss cutting his hair, I miss watching TV with him with his head firmly nuzzled in my lap.  I just love him so so much.

I think he is about the hottest little beast I have EVER laid eyes on and certainly the best male I’ve ever had in my bed. I love him so much and I’m so proud of him, I’m going to show you a picture. Wanna see the man who has finally captured my soul?


His name is Chumpy and I adore him 🙂

He’s little and cute and furry and he has little feet that do this little feet walking thing and he has little ears that do this waggy ear thing. He is sooooo yummiferous I can’t wait for my access days (he is living with my mum because he can’t live where I do now).

Ok end of procrastination time – I have 4 uni assessments due tomorrow and I still haven’t started a single one. Two of them are now 3 weeks overdue lol. Hmmm I do know what one of them is about but… the other 3 not so much.


Try and find someone to love and squish today people’s!



ps. ok who fell for it? Who thought I was serious hahahahaaa? DERRRR! hahahahaa

oh and sorry for the whole lay out of my blog – it appears WordPress has put an upgrade on their software so now if I insert a pic, it pushes all the text up next to it rather than underneath where I initially format it to be. Only option is to center the whole entry which looks shit or have it like the blog above which surprisingly also looks like shit. THANKS WORDPRESS! NOT!!

On the fashion front..
May 4, 2011, 4:45 am
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I got a new corset. Wanna see?

My new purple corset!
My new purple corset!

Thing is, because it’s purple and not shiny like latex or PVC, I didn’t have a thing to wear with it except my panda head!

This is cranky panda…

This is VERY cranky panda…..

This is happy panda lol.

I hope you’re all happy and well and you get an opportunity to have a laugh today,



Illegal Brothels
April 4, 2011, 10:31 am
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… technically speaking in NSW there’s no such thing, there’s just brothels operating without a DA. Doesn’t stop the media and other stakeholders sensationalising and demonising them. Here is the latest from Chris Seage (Brothel Busters), ABA in NSW and Melbourne. The audio clip also goes on for a minute presenting the Swedish Model as an alternative.

I love the bit in it where the dude from ABA in VIC says one of his main beefs is that illegal brothels “undercharge” for sexual services… hahahaa like there is an Award for the sex industry! Next we’ll be told one of the Super schemes (hmm maybe Hesta) is going to offer to provide us with a Superannuation service. Ooow ooow or maybe we’ll also get entitlements for sick days, minimum wage, maternity/paternity leave, holidays like every other business! Dick.

Ooow ooow I also love the bit where he goes on about how illegal brothels don’t have to say how they’re going to stay solvent – like who gives a shit?! No-one who starts a business can guarantee it is going to be successful so why should brothels have to prove it to get licensed?!

Ooow oow I also love the bit where they say one of the main problems is that illegal brothels and workers do bareback sex. I can go onto 3 different forums that I know of right now and pull up pages and pages of reviews of ABA brothels and workers providing bareback full service. Hypocritical much?!?!?!

Gaaawd I’m going back to uni work – at least with Uni the assessment I’m working on is people with disabilities being locked in institutions which technically only goes against the State and Commonwealth Disability Service Act and the Disability Service Standards. Drives me nuts we have laws that were introduced to stop discrimination and recognise people’s rights and no-one gives a toss and ignores it  because it’s to expensive to implement. That’s right folks, we have people with disabilities on locked wards who are literally caged like animals because we can’t afford to recognise their rights, but we can afford millions of dollars to introduce new laws to police the sex industry and take away the rights we currently enjoy.

God don’t even get me started on SWOP and the NOT FAIR fight I’m having with them at the moment! I’m so sick of fighting all the time with people who shit on people’s rights!

Maybe I should just concentrate on moving to a cardboard box because I’ll have no choice but to live in a box because that’s where the new laws, new Council LEPs and increased powers are going to make sex workers end up. That’s right folks, I’m bringing back glory holes! I’ll cut a little hole in the end of the box for your penis to go thru because my box will only be big enough to fit me in…. hmmm unless I can lay my hands on a big fridge box or something.

Anyway Chris Seage has been increasing his rhetoric for the last 12 months or so but the disturbing thing is you now have media besides The Telegraph reporting it and in a Today Tonight/A Current Affair/Daily Telegraph way.





Face Book from a beginner hookers perspective
March 29, 2011, 12:54 am
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So I’m procrastinating. Don’t ask. I am so procrastinating I looked at my Face Book account. I set up the profile years ago and haven’t been on it since because I’ve always hated it. I always thought it looked messy so I can’t stand looking at it. It’s like Twitter but you can have more then 140 characters to do it in. BUT I’ve been on Face Book 2 whole days now and I’m changing my mind!

People I have on my Face Book:

Sticky Tape Boy – this dude raps his face in sticky tape and does… well interesting things and takes pics. He is unique!

Sex worker whores – these are the woman who are into fighting for sex worker rights. They’re REALLY interesting and quirky and smart and post the most curious things in life.

Spandex Boy – he’s into spandex and takes pics everyday of him in different fluro colored spandex. Again.. how cool?!

Overseas sex workers – these woman are a classic. The most hilarious, hardcore and down to Earth woman EVER. They say the funniest things so if you’re down or something has gone wrong, you go and speak to them and they save your life.

I think Face Book is shite for doing business on and for woman in the US it’s gotten some really bad press and ladies have had serious trouble with it.Face Book has said they will pass on details to the police any sex work activity they know is being conducted on it. They’ve also had issues with people in their email lists being contacted by law enforcement agencies. Not good.

What I do think it’s good for is spinning out. It’s like a chat room for the world and there’s hundreds of conversations all going on at once. People just throwing it out there… THAT is pretty cool.

Ok now I have even written a blog about my first two days on Face Book to procrastinate. Shameful.

Gotta go,

Bye bye