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Warning graphic pics!!!
December 16, 2011, 2:01 am
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My new love is needle work


I’m a believer in do unto others, only if you have it done unto you… and yerrrs I have pics but people may find that a little to graphic so I won’t share them on this blog :(This is my vanilla boring blog now. Think I may start blogging somewhere else… hmm I’ll attach it to my new site. Yerrrrrs.

I get all stupid hysterical when I’m having anything painful done. I make an awful sub.

ANyway, I’m going to go. Hope you’re all doing well


ps. thank you MzAsha  for being the best teacher EVER!


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Hey Lucy

I hope you don’t spring a leak.

Here’s hoping you had a good Christmas and have a mammoth New Years planned.


Comment by David

HA! They’re not stuck in me… I’ll put up a blog with needles stuck in me later if you like 😉

They’re needles I stuck in someone else. You don’t really feel them anymore after the 3rd one goes in. The pain kicks in again at around the 50 needles mark. HA!


Comment by Lucy Blake

You would not expect anything else from me so I will oblige:
Yeech and…
Tsk Tsk Tsk!!

But glad you are happy and Happy Festivus my sweet


Comment by The Lemm


I miss you Lemmie – I hope you’re missing me awfully and you haven’t found someone to cheat on me with… I like to think of you as all miserable, pining away for me. Yup.

Take care lovely man. I am having the happiest thoughts for you possible 🙂

Comment by Lucy Blake

Maybe it’s the time of year but all those needles lined up remind me of Christmas lights. How cool would it be if they lit up and started flashing?

Comment by Huff

We can stick candles in the end of the needles Huff and then they light up 😉

Comment by Lucy Blake

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