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Seduction of a woman
November 8, 2011, 1:36 am
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Ok Ok, I just had the coolest experience! I love working in a dungeon… it’s very interesting.

So I had an incredible experience with a client who came in perfectly dressed as a woman. Her clothes were perfect and soooo soft and she was wearing a full Ravanche long line corset, amazing bras and knickers, super soft stay ups… aaargh to run your hands over her clothing and lingerie was amazing. She was dressed as a high priced hooker underneath her dress. The bit that made me smile the most was she had taken the time to have her nails perfectly manicured and pedicured. It’s the detail and the fact she went to such great lengths to be as beautiful as she could be … she dressed for me. I loved her for that. Now I understand why it’s so important to dress for men. I always thought it was because it was professional and my clients always deserved the best, but that’s such a small part. You dress for a man because it matters. It recognises the person … truely.

Anyway, I seduced her and adored her and was present with her. No sex was involved or the typical hanky panky you’d do with a sex worker at all. The time flew. I realised a few very important things…

1. Dam I’m good at being a Dom! Hahahaa I would make an AWESOME “typical” man in the real world that “normal” woman would fantasise about. More awesome than any man I’ve ever met.

2. Dam I’d be good at making love! Not that I’ve ever done it, but I do believe I’d pull it off remarkably well. All that sex I’ve had and none of it was as gorgeous as this. DAM I’d make a good man!

3. I REALLY like the look of fingers with nail polish on them holding my boobs. I looked down and saw them and almost died – then of course I couldn’t stop staring heheheee.

4. having sex with a girl, is very different to having sex with a boy. Completely different techniques, different words need to be used, different positions, different stroking, different tone of voice, you have to be much more active… hmm much more personal and close.

5. Dungeon clients are amazing – they are uncorrupted by the forums so they have no tick box garbage going on, no preconceived ideas. They also know you’ve done (or are doing) an apprenticeship so you are trained in 100 different things and ways of doing it, so they know just to relax and go along with the journey. Every encounter is exciting and really unique and you share that with someone who has already made up their mind before they get there that they want to have a good time. None of this “impress me” bullshit.

Anyway, I had a good time and it was lovely. I’m loving the dungeon and doing some very interesting things and learning fascinating stuff. My personality is becoming more enhanced. I don’t think I’ve changed, but I’m more confident about the world and people in it; happier and sure of myself. Everything is come at with vigor. Everything is a positive adventure and they encourage you to approach all of your life like that. They encourage you to experience everything you feel safe to do so and to LIVE. Mind you, it doesn’t always work out well lol……..

I had my first ever DATE!! YES a DATE!!! He was a super lovely boy. Yes I said “was” – I broke him on the 2nd date so it’s now past tense already lol. Think our love affair lasted about 10 days but! I was naughty and encouraged him to be alive and breathe from his stomach not his chest. He didn’t like that so much 😦 He was a sweetheart but… he got me a very cute snowdome….

I wish boys weren't so easy to break

So now I’ve lost my boy 😦 Gawd he had the NICEST body… a total Gladiator … he was a total and utter sweet heart as well. Every girls dream actually. ARGH HOW FRUSTRATING!  I go to work now, but because I don’t have hanky panky that often but your feeding all of your senses, you so want to have sex in the real world. When you work as a hooker you can find sex a chore. Now I want to bonk and I have no-one to bonk!

Hmm maybe I should contact the Gladiator… naaah he’s better off without me. I like to bounce around a lot and make noise. I’m not very grown up to date and he’s very much a grown up lol.

Ok so best I run away and do something …. well else! Before I go though….. I suppose you all want some horny body shot? So here is a butt shot……

I've been a very naaaaaughty girl - don't you wish you were here so you could poke at it?! heheee. Hmm I do believe my butt is harder to break than boys!!






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Lucy, while I’m sure you actually would make a wonderful man, we’re very glad to see you as a woman 🙂

Comment by Madame X

Very happy that you are happy. But that’s not really your bottom is it? If so..Lemmie is shaking is head and “tsk tsking” at 60 decibels!

Comment by Your Lemmie

Lucy, It looks like you found a home. I’m happy for you. I love the lifestyle. Your description of us bottoms/subs is spot on. I’ve never felt so free to let go and be myself as I have when I am with other, like-minded folk. It can be a little scary but, in the end, the feeling of trust is so damn warm and fuzzy.

Comment by notdeadyet

Hi Lucy,
One very happy Lucy makes one very happy.

Kind Regards


PS All the best on 11/11/11

Comment by Col

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