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Catching up from Melbourne!
October 26, 2011, 12:55 am
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Thanks to the people who’ve been sending me emails, PMs and been commenting on my blog. I’ve come back to write to you because you took time out of your lives to write to me which is special 🙂

I’ve just moved in Melbourne to a place that’s got spiders and snails and slugs and trucks and trees and grass and all sorts of very cool things that living in the middle of Sydney’s CBD never had. On my days off, I sit at my table and chair in the backyard, do a load of washing (even if it’s raining) and sit and watch the clothes on the clothes line… YES I HAVE A CLOTHES LINE!! It’s such a novelty everyone takes for granted! Oow oow I also have garbage bins!! There’s 3 of them and they’re all color coded and apparently all go out at different times and you’re suppose to stick different stuff in them. I’ve never had a garbage bin, I’ve only ever had garbage chutes so I’m kind of excited. I hate garbage chutes because that mutant monster man from The X Files lives in them and is going to grab me when I open it and suck me into the garbage chute before injecting me with mutant poison liquifying my body so he can suck my insides out.

It’s also a completely craptastical house with everything falling apart. My carpet is bright green and even in the heights of 70s yuckness being fashionable, my carpet would still have been a faux pas. I’m excited not to be paying $600+ per week in rent though which is the cheapest I’ve ever gotten away with in Sydney as a private worker.

shite one sec brb….

I am LOVING the Dungeon. Working with the Mistresses is like how the sex industry was when I first joined. All the Mistresses are mentors and friends and treat me as an equal although I’m no where near as clever or experienced as them yet. I can ask them anything, tell them anything and I don’t get judged or get in trouble or get lectured. They know when to offer advice and when to just listen. I feel completely blessed to work there. This is my 15th year in the sex industry and it’s taken me 13 years to come full circle and find a place like Fetish House and to find myself again. The clients at Fetish House are a very cool bunch of people as well and the adventures are very diverse and fun, so it’s never the same thing twice and never a drama. I think the main thing is that clients go into Fetish House wanting to have fun. It’s not “I’m paying you so impress me”, it’s “let’s have a good time WOOHOOO!”. I’ve seen the most AMAZING things, I get to wear shiny boots and clothes every day and get to be me. It’s like the perfect work place and the Mistresses make it absolutely hilarious.

Miss Tilly Cupcakes is coming to visit me soon and in 2 weeks my hubby is coming for my birthday. I’m very excited. When I moved to QLD no-one wanted to visit and only Georgia came to visit because she always comes to rescue me when I feel sad even if it means getting on a plane.

I just came back from Sydney because I had to ship all of my stuff down to Melbourne. Sydney was a disaster 😦 I met up with someone who meant a lot to me but made me cry a lot. I met up with my mother who informed me she got married 2 weeks before but didn’t bother telling me or inviting me (sucks being a known whore), cake was too expensive (I can buy 4 pieces of chocolate cake in Melbourne for the cost of 1 piece of chocolate cake in Sydney!), people were rude… it was just yuck. I couldn’t wait to get away from the place 😦 Sydney to me now I think is a place I use to have lots of wishes and dreams in but none of them ever came true so it just depresses me to be there. I like Melbourne better because it’s new and shiny and nothing has let me down yet 🙂 Melbourne people are also exceptionally friendly in my experience so far (except the bed shop man who called gay men “faggots” today. That was just annoying because then I had to rip him a new butt hole and IT WAS MY DAY OFF NOT RIP MEN A NEW BUTTHOLE DAY!).

Anyway lots of news but I don’t feel funny tonight so I won’t go on about it. I more just wanted to pop in and say hello to people who have been worried and say hellooo to people I miss 🙂

SO here goes…

Oi Georgia… give me my mop back! The one you gave me in swappsies SUCKS!

Hi Lemmie 🙂 I’m doing super well, I’ve been super busy and I’m really happy for the first time in forever. I miss talking to you lots and you pop into my mind lots. I’m going to do ANOTHER course lol. It’s my retirement plan course and it’s most sensible and because I’m a hooker, it’s govt subsidised so I should be able to afford to do it!! I can’t start until the beginning of next year but because of work commitments. I’m in no huge hurry either really because I’m having a nice time right now 🙂

Hi BeebleBrox 🙂 Thank you for your PM. I’m sorry I’ve been a slack butt on the blogging but I’m trying to sort my time out better to do it. I kind of liked that people would stop reading it besides the people who matter as well so it suited me just fine. I hope you’re doing well and you’re having lots of laughs in life 🙂

Hi Miss Holly!!! I read you’re being a cow as usual on the forums!!! Bad girl, bad bad girl! Thought you may need some cheering up so I’m giving you the thing that someone gave to me that made me laugh to much. Hope it keeps you smilie lovely girl 🙂

Hi Roxxane – I just wanted to say thank you for the comments you’ve left for me on my blog and for the effort you’re going to on that forum. I agree with your wisdom re: be friends with everyone, trust no-one lol. Very wise words 😉 I was really shocked to read the post you put up vouching for me. It is VERY rare someone will go out on a limb to vouch for someone these days, let alone vouch for someone who is considered public enemy number one. I really REALLY appreciate your efforts and what it has cost you in time, your headspace and maybe a bit in reputation – I don’t underestimate it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It shocked me to see another worker taking the time to give a shit about another worker in this day and age to such an extent. Hmm yerrrrs I’m really blown away.

Ok my brain hurts now and I have to go and clean – I’ve got this spider in the shower that’s living under the ledgey bit and I’m trying really hard not to kill it and drown it but it’s freaking me out being there. It’s a daddy long legs spider and it’s got those leg things going on. I had to put all these branches/twig things in the bin and everytime I picked up an arm full and then put them in the bin I almost vomitted. Twigs and branches look like spiders legs to me now and are freaking me the farck out! I need to check on the spider in the shower every 1 – 2 hours to make sure it hasn’t moved. Hmm I’m obsessing over it I think.

Ok bye bye




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Its quite interesting to catch you back in the Melbourne its quite a better place for catch up every thing of all departments.

Comment by Escort Melbourne

Hi Lucy,
One happy Lucy makes me very happy.

Do you require anyone to keep the hedges plus the lawns neat and tidy

Kind Regards


Comment by Col

Glad to hear the sun is shining in your sky again 🙂

Comment by Roxanne Wilde

Nice to see you back and I’m so glad you’ve found your “happy place”. Let us know how things go with the spider.

Comment by Huff

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