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September 15, 2011, 3:27 am
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So I’ve broken my TV and I can’t sleep. The only channel I can get is Channel 1 whatever that is. It appears to only play sport which I can’t say I’m a fan of watching. I like playing different sport like…

– picking on men – you gotta admit men do make for good sport 😉

– squash – I like any sport where you get to smash something and what you’re smashing is a hostage and can’t escape you so you can smash it over and over again.

– darts – what can I say? I like throwing nasty pointy weapon type objects

But I digress… tonight we are watching football I think, or maybe soccer – that David Beckham game. It is the smurfs versus the bumble bees. It’s actually quite interesting. For example, did you know that this….

The Great Yellow Wall of Bumble Bee

is called the Great Yellow Wall? The dude who talks to much while they’re playing the game told me it’s the official name for a bunch of bumble bees (I thought it was a swarm, but I am mistook).

The main thing I learnt of value that goes beyond making me dinner party ready with interesting facts as the one above, is foot players are HOT! Well if you’re into that OMG good-looking must drool and dry hump him look.For example…

Borussia-Dortmund-Teamwork - Don't say you wouldn't like these Bumble Bees doing a bit of team work on you! I think I just sound a little bit gay. eeep heheheee

I trawled and trawled the internet trying to find my favourite and came across this site: . It is a solid example of a well made website – put together by woman of course. I can tell cause it’s pretty pink with a cute name 🙂 and well laid out (teeheee pardon the pun.. NOT!).

I have found my fave for the evening. He is Spanish which means he’s a good cook so when I marry him, he’ll make lovely dinners for us 🙂 OMG ALSO MEANS HE’LL BE FURRY!!

Mr and Mrs Iker Casillas... nice huh?!

All in all I think I like the David Beckham game.. OMFG ANOTHER HOT ONE JUST APPEARED IN THE GOALS!!! OMG AND THEY ALL LINE UP AND ANOTHER DUDE KICKS THE BALL AS HARD AS HE CAN AT THE SILLY MEN IN THE LINE!! Hahahaa men are a classic. Hmm except they wimp out and grab their bollocks… hmmm disappointing.

Anyhooo I’m busy bye bye



ps. to anyone who is educating themselves to be a more interesting person and therefore dinner party ready … if you go to that Kikette site and hit on ANY of the pictures, it’ll throw up the most interesting slide shows for you. This in turn will help you in your efforts to become a more interesting person for dinner parties.

ps. if anyone finds a naked pic of Iker to confirm that he is furry, I’ll be most appreciative. Hmm wonder if he’s circumcised… if anyone finds a picture of that….! WOW, I’ll let you come to our wedding.


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Make positive your ab belts have a distinct toning

Comment by

You’ve stunned your audience into silence Lucy. They can cope with all the angst and out there sexual practices but write a blog about how yummy the men of football are and your followers are struck dumb. It’s not fair, we can’t compete. We don’t make as much money and don’t have six packs. Hell I don’t even have any hair on my head anymore (although my back is furry enough to make a good rug if you skinned me – which given where you are headed with the needles and so on isn’t out of the question).

Good to see you enjoying the one channel you have though. As for me I’m going back to my single track mind on youporn…

Comment by David

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