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Virgin Skin and Angst
September 9, 2011, 12:19 am
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I’m edgie. Everything is either irritating me, frustrating me or giving me the shits. So here i am..


So I lost my virginity! And I bet you all thought that was completely impossible. Actually I lost it to someone of my choice I was delighted to give it to. You know how you generally lose your virginity to someone who happens to be convenient at the time – a crime of opportunity on both your behalf’s so to speak? Either that or it’s peer pressure. Well I gave my virginity away to someone completely of my choice and someone who it was heaps of fun to do it with (I know it was fun because it made my nose itch and anyone who knows me knows what that means! lol). We even took porn pics because that’s what people like We do heheee.

HOWEVER, because normal is not in Our bones, I decided losing my virginity once was not a large enough event in and unto itself sooooo… MORE PORN PICS!

Besides as my friend Twisty in Sydney said…

“see all you need to break a virgin is one small prick… and you had two! Mega Skank!!! you rock!!!!!” (gotta love peers ROFL)

So who’s curious? Technically speaking I suppose you could say it hurt lol. The blue one hurt more than the orange one because it’s a smaller gauge tip, however they both hurt more being pulled out than going in for some reason. I thought it would be the other way around. Mind you, it didn’t hurt nearly as much as I thought it would – as in hardly really hurt much at all – well to me it didn’t hurt much, to others it may have made them sad – gawd don’t ask me, I’m a terrible judge of pain – it’s such an individual thing. I think the main reason it didn’t hurt much was because the Person who did it was about as expert at needle work as you can get on the planet.

So why do it? Hmmm BECAUSE IT WAS THERE! lol. Ever looked down at your arm and thought “hmm surely there’s more to you than appears?!”. No in all seriousness, I come from the school of thought that if you’re going to do it to someone else, you should understand it yourself. I also believe that even if you’re not going to do it to someone else, you should still understand it so you understand a little bit about what they desire and how it translates in life.

I’ve also seen Mistress Tokyo do needle work as a performance and fell in love with it and have watched the Mistress who did it to me do some AMAZING work which made me fall in love with it.

Would I do it again? Hmmm only if a Mistress I knew and trusted did it to me and went no where near my genitals or nipples with them! I’d pass out if that happened I think lol. I’d be no where near brave enough to make it a performance art like Mistress Tokyo does – She’s like the Holy Grail of pretty much everything.

Hmm ok so talking about that didn’t make me less angsty. Ok maybe a debrief will help…

What is it with men saying “REMIND ME NEVER TO BOOK YOU LUCY BLAKE”? or “STAY AWAY FROM ME LUCY BLAKE”. They go onto places on the internet and say that out loud. I’ve been told that maybe 3 or 4 times in the last 2 months. When I read it I sit there and think “wtf?”. Literally WTF gentlemen?! As in when you tell me to stay away from you or remind you not to book me, do you want me to stalk you first, find out who you really are, get your phone number, email addresses just in case you decide to book me I can tell you that you asked me to remind you not to? Or I should stalk you so I know where I should stay away from? That ball is kind of in your court not mine yes? So I sit there and think and think and all I can come up with is “ohhhhh he’s being nasty and giving the message to everyone I shouldn’t be booked as a hooker and the message to me he hates me and I should stay away like I have the plague – oooooh coooool. Ooooh nooooot…. naaaasty”. Hmmm see gives me the irrites! Slightly frustrating and all because I disagree with something they say and I’m not a 24 year old so it’s no longer cute to disagree. GAWD!

Ok so I better go because this is not making me any less angsty.

Before I go but…… Miss Graaaaace…. this one is for you cause you showed me yours so I’ll show you mine as promised 😉

@GraceBellavue Hello from the potato! I took this today on the way to the MONTHLY STI testing they insist on in Melb. Should have seen me trying to explain the bruises on my butt to the doctor heheheee.



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I crave the day I can slide over lucy’s latex covered body again. Enjoy Melbourne Lucy, but come back to Sydney soon.

Comment by Karl

Hi Lucy,
Stay away from Lucy Blake!!, Never book with Lucy Blake!!!. They have no idea of who the real Lucy Blake is. All I know is tht one day, I will see young Lucy again when that day will come I have no idea.

Kind Regards


Comment by Colin

Heheheee you called me young…. you’ve always been one of my favoritest people in the world Colin! Ever the sweetheart 😉


Comment by Lucy Blake

Hey, Comments like you described actually make me want to try to get a booking. You look great in Latex and I drool over your pictures.


Comment by keith

You’re my hero Keith 😉 Thank you VERY much for your comment!


Comment by Lucy Blake

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