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September 8, 2011, 4:42 am
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Aaaah The BOFF and the Liberal Party…..

Just in case people aren’t quite aware… the public service is going out on strike tomorrow. As the federal secretary Chris Warren of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance who represent Hansard reporters stated while encouraging members working in the public service to attend:

”As journalists, we know all too well the dangers of accepting that any government has the right to dictate to an independent body within our democracy.”

Teachers will also be striking as will other public service workers. I cannot be there unfortunately, but I’ll be having my happiest, loudest thoughts for you!

If you don’t know, you should know, so here’s more info on the what for’s:  this is how The Boff and his right play pals managed to get their changes thru – disgusting.  (one of my personal fave’s letting us know The BOF is going to give a whole shit load of money to mining companies that he’s going to get by taking over the ability to set pay and conditions for the public service and firing a whole bunch of them)

…. and there’s plenty more.

These changes will effect your teachers, bus drivers, Police, nurses, paramedics, welfare workers, people who keep the country moving and for piss all as it is.

Make some noise in support if you happen to walk past a protest tomorrow!


ps. If anyone comments on my blog how The Boff is right, I’ll go mental so DON’T!


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