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Training in the dungeon
August 20, 2011, 6:07 am
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I’m in a shit mood.. I can tell because I’m listening to Janis Joplin again lol. Had a shit few days. Something has really disappointed me and I’m gutted. So anyway, thought I’d escape to my blog and write some stuff because that would be a happy thing to do.

Hmmm might tell you a bit about where I’m working. For thems who didn’t know, I’m at Fetish House. I’d read quite a few reviews about the Mistresses there but I’m actually quite shocked by them. I’ve now met all of the Mistresses and the reviews didn’t even come close to describing Them. For example Katya… OMFG! People just say She’s beautiful, tall and a fantastic Mistress with lovely feet. NO people NO! SHE IS OMFG! For a bunch of slaves theses reviewers really don’t know how to come close to the truth let alone do proper worshiping.

Anyway, lol

MzAsha who is one of two Head Mistresses there has taken me under Her wing and is amazing and incredibly generous with every aspect of Herself and training. It’s funny but I consider most people who teach me stuff as mentors. I consider MzAsha a teacher, a mother, a sister, a friend and a partner in crime. I desperately want Her to be proud of me. I desperately don’t want to fuck up. ….. hmmm I’m definitely an apprentice lol.

MzAsha is teaching me everything but doesn’t ram anything down your throat or lecture you or be nasty in any way. I’m still nervous as hell, but She instills this belief that you can do stuff. For example, I was shown needle work at the first dungeon I worked at in Sydney and it was a disaster and I swore I’d never do it. It was bloody and so graphic I struggled not to pass out and vomit and it just looked dangerous to me. Then MzAsha showed me how to do it and ran through all the safety aspects, how you can stuff it up, the anatomy involved and what to do if you did stuff it up. I watched Her do it on clients and then She allowed me to have a go on Her personal slave which is an incredible honor. As in you can’t understand how lucky you are unless you understand the scene/lifestyle.

A few weeks later a client came in wanting CBT and the protocol is I tell MzAsha what a client has requested before I do anything to make sure a Head Mistress thinks I’m up to a standard where I can do it safely and to the standard the client needs. I explained what he wanted and MzAsha looked at me and said “you can do the needles”. I NEVER thought I’d be allowed to and didn’t know if I could but when She looked at me and said “you can do it” without a second glance I thought “shit I CAN do it’! So I did needle work on his cock and balls and I didn’t have a single problem. It was easy and it was SUPER satisfying! Before I started doing it I thought thru what I had been shown to make it perfect and then you just go into automatic do it perfect mode. They were neat, there was no blood (not that it’s a bad thing if there is) and it was pretty. The client I did it on was spun out I was doing it properly and there was minimal squirming – I’d seen him as my first client a few weeks prior and I think he was a little spun out I could do something like that with confidence to that standard in the space of 3 weeks. I took pictures of course, but I don’t have permission to put them up so I won’t. I’ll ask but for anyone who’s curious 😉

The way I’m being taught how to do things is really interesting. I’m invited into sessions by MzAsha to watch how things are done in a session including stuff like in what order things are to be done because most people will have at least 3 things they want to happen in a session so you have to know how to sequence them in the right order; how She talks to the client etc. So for example if it’s CBT (cock and ball torture) and they want violet wand, needle work, cannula, sounds and golden shower, you have to know which order they should go in and how long they each take. Each of these activities involves a different piece of equipment so you have to know how to use and sterilise it and what to do if you make a mistake. I’m then given the opportunity to practice on house slaves and personal slaves. Once I’ve demonstrated I can do something, I have the confidence to do it, I’ve indicated I’d enjoy doing it and if the client is known to the dungeon so the Head Mistresses can assess if he can withstand me as an apprentice (hehee), I’m allowed to do it for real. You don’t complete your training in it though until you’ve done it on clients hundreds of times and you pass testing…. and yerrrrs there is testing involved.

Everyday I go in MzAsha makes time for me (and anyone else who wants to learn something) so I can watch how things are done and it may be in a really casual environment so you don’t realise you’re being trained. It may just be me watching MzAsha working on someone informally and I’ll be watching and asking occasional questions while We chat about whatever, or We’ll just sit listening to music and zone out while She’s doing something. She’s actually set up learning by osmosis and you don’t even realise. So with the needles I’d probably watched Her stick 5000 needles (if not more) in someone in different ways before I did it myself.

Anyway, I’m way impressed with my training, my Teacher and the different ways They teach and build confidence in you.

The main things I’m working on now is rope work and trampling. Anytime I see something like a balance beam whether it be those things at the end of a car space that make you stop, fences … whatever, I practice balancing on them, walking backwards and forwards and turning around. A clients bottom is very wobbly so you have to be good at wobbling around the top half of your body if you have to, while keeping your legs and feet steady so you don’t step on the wrong part of the client by accident.  I use to be alright at ropes, but I’ve let all of that slip so I’m at square zero again lol. Annoying.

So anyway, that’s how my learning is going so far. I could tell LOADS of stories about different experiences, but I’m not sure it’s appropriate so I won’t. All I will say is I’ve met some amazing clients who are hilarious and really genuine people. I love their dedication to the art and the dedication they show to their Mistress.

As for the Mistresses – They blow me away. They’re all REALLY different which is really different to my past experiences. In Sydney I was told over and over again when working in a dungeon that I’d fail at being a Mistress because I didn’t hate men. Hate was what gave you the energy, power and head space you need to be a good Mistress. If I was hateful towards men at Fetish House, I wouldn’t last a milli second. There is no philosophy of hate or negativity at all. Negative energy is to be avoided at all costs here.  They also encourage you to keep your personality not role play being nasty in a fake it ’til you make it way. This is one of the things that makes Them all so different. They are in the rooms who They are without putting on a false boring nasty front. You can be deadly terrifying and strict and still be laughing and joking at the same time. Or You can be deadly terrifying and strict by being whisper quiet.

Anyway, I better go. Haven’t slept yet and I have to go to work in a few hours so I better do the other thing I was suppose to be doing. Before I go but, I just want to let you know about the movie/documentary Scarlet Road. I’ll put the link below to a special screening that’s on in Sydney. I wish I could go… hmm maybe I’ll go back to Sydney for it even. Please have a look at the trailor – one of the featured people in it is Rachel Wotton who is an amazing kick butt woman and of course the people with a disability who appear are remarkable. I’ve met a few of them and watched/listened to different interviews they’ve done re: sex work and disability and was dazzled by them…..

Special screening of Scarlet Road

Take care fellow space cadets,



ps. and thanks to Shoe Fetish Boy for keeping on at me to go and train 😉 One day I’ll buy a $2000 pair of Louboutins just for you and stomp all over your bollocks while butt fucking you with the stiletto with the other one at the same time. That’ll bring a smile to your dial 😉 and yes you can take pics while I do it 🙂 heheheee


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Sorry but……Yeech!!

Comment by Vanilla Lemm

Amazing stuff, it makes me feel so unadventurous. I don’t think I’d let anyone, not even Lucy, near my crown jewels with needles. Thanks for giving us the insights into this Lucy, I hope your disappointments turn around. If you can stick a needle in a guys cock and not have it bleed then you can do just about anything. Ooooh it hurt to even write that….

Comment by David

Hi Lucy,

Needle work on the family jewels wtf ?.Then if one is under the care of Lucy, one will know he is in safe hands.

Kind Regards


Comment by Colin

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