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Made me cry
July 19, 2011, 9:52 pm
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pfttt silly old mole she is, fuck i would say 99.99% of whores would never tell any one about there fucking for money more the stigma but seriously who cares about some dried up old prune who is coming to the end of her days, younger hotter girls always have the advantage simple

Ah, jesus…..Lucy Blake!
That brings up some really bad memories – I thought she’d finally, thankfully disappeared…
It seems not.
I’m not going to further depress you all by relaying any of my downer LB stories.

She’s like a bolshie shop steward on crack…….

… summed up Lucy blake very succinctly “arrogant, disinterested W/L with overblown ego”.

Lucy has had her rants over the years but for those of us that have been around a while know that she is a hypocryte.




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My reply to your MHG detractors has been as follows:

Re: An Industry Rant

I’m not going to argue about high end prices, the aging process, or the golden pussy syndrome…

I also won’t even try to explain how Lucy’s blog was lamenting the lack of WL unity. Women are each others’ worst enemy, a point I’ve been arguing for years…

HOWEVER, I disagree regarding client/WL friendship, though. I surely would have crashed & burned man times, if it weren’t for the wholehearted support of my freakin AWESOME inner circle, several of whom are clients who have patronized my services for years.

What I will say is that Lucy Blake is: funny, smart, courageous, weird, bold, sassy, erotic, petulant, pedantic, spoilt and utterly endearing in the way that only true titian lovers can appreciate.

Lucy Blake is unique. 

Lucy Blake is not a dud, nor is she failing to deliver on the high shelf promise. I KNOW the are shitty people (men & women) who work in this industry. Lord knows, I’ve ended up on their wrong end of their stick a few times, myself.

However, Lucy isn’t one of them. I have an overseas clientele, a few of whom speak of her like a goddess. Knowing how hard to please at least one of these guys is, I now hold her in virtual awe…

If you don’t agree with what she has to say, say so. But please… let’s stick to the facts. 

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Comment by Roxanne Wilde

I sat for ages trying to think of something to say that came close to expressing how much respect I have for you… Before realizing that I just had.

As for MHG, we’ve since gone a little way towards balancing up the skewed perspective that was being expressed in that particular thread. The bulk of your original ‘offending’ blog post was sound in logic, and persuasive in argument.

The fact that such a passionate reply was invoked should suggest – at a MINIMUM – that where there is smoke, there is fire.

You rock, Lucy. I believe in you! 😉


Comment by Roxanne Wilde

Well, I am in the USA and I have been with Lucy and she is hot! Georgia French is spot on, Lucy. You gave a fair analysis of what passes for open exchanges on some forums but is, in reality, intimidation and extortion, and this is the response. Whoever wrote that was trying to hurt you, and only exposed their own self-loathing in the process.

Comment by notdeadyet

Hi Lucy
I don’t know you as i have never met you, but I have read a lot of your posts over the years and can only admire your intelligence, maturity, honesty and insight. These negative comments are not worth wasting any time considering, suffice to say they are profoundly disappointing due to their cowardice, and hurtful intent. I am afraid the one thing some men are most frightened of and threatened by is an intelligent assertive woman who has the courage to speak her truth.

Well done keep on being real


Comment by Peter

Says it better than I ever could:

Comment by PJ

Comment by PJ

Sticks & stones etc, etc. But unfortunately words can still hurt at times, even when written by a moron. As others have commented, those words say more about the writer than about you, how sad that he feels that way. What an unhappy man he must be.

Lucy, I have never met you as I am in Melbourne. But I know from your writings that you are a strong lady who is not afraid to have an opinion. You will get through this tough time as you have before.

You bring pleasure to many people so don’t let the bastard get you down.

Best wishes and take care, Ian

Comment by Ian

Lucy, that sort of comment makes me ashamed to be a man. You are an admirable, strong woman with a heart of gold. I’ve never seen you personally, but I know you from what you write on these blogs. As David, above says: you are indeed, an intergalactical princess.

Comment by Ian

some very sad comments but really its just words and what should count most of all is what you think of yourself. For me Lucy i’ve been reading your blog for sometime i have always found you funny and insightfull. Plainly an intelligent woman with a gift for writing. Looking at your photo’s a sexy one as well. You couldn’t get 2 different comments.
Feeling hurt by this rubbish is just giving courage to cowards. Just ignore it Lucy we all know how special you are.

Comment by legaldude

The question of “Lucy Blake” came up in a discussion with an ACT lady, of fairly outspoken views, recently. When your peers in a tough industry are saying nice things about you, tells me you are going the right way.

Comment by Comet

The comment says more about the person who wrote than about you Lucy. The misogyny is on display for all to see. I bet he can’t even get it up. You know it’s not true but it still rankles. If it helps we know it’s not true too. You’re an Intergalactical princess, not a shop steward.

Comment by David

So you had the guts to say what many a worker and client thought but didn’t have your ability to communicate it so succinctly. These comments are from the type of forums you spoke about and they squirmed and retaliated with the keyboard warrior form they are known for.
I know the nastiness cuts you to the core and the timing is really bad, but we know who you are are and the endless support you have given workers and awesome adventures you have given your clients.
Chin up bestie. So much to do and so little time. Don’t be brought down by cowards.

Comment by Georgia French

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