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Pity Party for Dr Nair
June 30, 2011, 9:51 pm
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… and he and Dr Teo would like us all to attend…..
Earlier, Dr Charlie Teo, AM, a pioneering brain surgeon at Prince of Wales Hospital said in court that his former colleague has been a highly talented neurosurgeon with “exceptional humility and patient care”.

In a courageous act, Dr Teo testified that Nair had a good character and was “very remorseful” about what he had done.

“There are many surgeons who, because of ego, would rather let their patients die than refer them to someone else,” Dr Teo said.

“But he would refer patients to me regularly that he thought I could help with.”

Dr Teo said that he had initially found Nair to have an “odd personality” when they started working together at Prince of Wales in 2001.

But over the course of many hours spent together the two had formed a very close bond, he said.

“I don’t believe that Suresh would ever operate on a patient under the influence of drugs.

“His patient care was of the highest level.

“Patients speak very highly of him.”

Dr Teo said that his family and colleagues had not wanted him to “stick his neck out” by supporting Nair but that he had wanted to support his former colleague and friend.

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Sooo let me get this right Dr Teo….

he isn’t prepared to let his brain patients die and will refer them because he is not a typical Dr high on an ego trip? However, if it’s just some whore who he threatened with ‘I’m a very rich and important surgeon and your agency will be pissed if you don’t party with me’ he isn’t prepared to refer to an ambulance or himself as a Dr and perform any kind of medical intervention. Yerr no ego there Teo and clearly capable of making a good referral and knowing when to make a referral.

you don’t believe he would operate on patients under the influence of drugs – well then! That makes it ok that he murdered 2 sex workers and put countless others in danger by pressuring them to use coke to the point of overdose and administering it to them himself. As long as he doesn’t operate on patients under the influence though hey Teo? Clearly he was doing the ethical thing by not acting as a Dr and performing CPR and calling an ambulance when they were dying. That would be totally unethical and the wrong thing to do as a Dr on drugs.

his patient care was of the highest level – ooooh not like with the sex worker who he watched overdose and then had sex with another worker on the same bed she was lying dead in for over 12 hours. Riiiight. Yerr such a caring man.

patients speak very highly of him – well bully for them!

as for this beauty “In a courageous act, Dr Teo testified that Nair had a good character and was “very remorseful” about what he had done. Teo you’re not courageous, you’re a disgrace in this case and shown VERY poor judgement. Nair only now expresses remorse because he’s been let off the other murder charge and is now facing time in jail. He hasn’t admitted remorse for the other death or is he only remorseful of the deaths he can be done for? Nair has a great character… a Dr who kills sex workers by pressuring them to use drugs, administering the illicit substance himself to other people and himself, having sex with another sex worker while murder victim number 2 lay dead in the same bed. Yup I’d have him at all my dinner parties.

outrageous dribble from Teo – didn’t he have brain surgery at some stage? Maybe Nair did it and accidentally cut out his common sense.

can’t wait to see Nair walk!


ps. to anyone who has a friend, family or loved one in Silverwater, this little hooker sends her best wishes 🙂


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The reason Dr Teo “stuck his neck out” for his cronie, was that he was blackmailed by Nair to not expose him too as a coke head surgeon. Teo still goes to work pretty much every day wired on coke. Teo performed well, as the innocent doctor for the media. I love that they refer to him as a pioneer. He is an entrepreneur, but that is another story.

Comment by JDM

Hi Lucy, what a strange tale. I have worked in the health industry and many doctors do have that inflated ego that can come with saving lives but to be able to do what they do takes more then that and that is why i find this so weird. Maybe he was using drugs as well which could explain what happened. To just set there and watch someone die i think would go against the grain of any doctor.
If this is what he can expect in jail i don’t think this doctor will leave jail alive. I feel for his family and all those that have suffered. Maybe they should be angry with the people that supplied the drugs and made a profit from it rather then those caught in its grip.

Comment by legaldude

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