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Shit of a week
June 27, 2011, 2:35 am
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I had a shit of a week. I know this sounds wanky, but if it wasn’t for my clients I would have gone sideways. You have no idea how much happier a cupcake can make you feel lol.

So I’m moving. Unit is being sold so I’m going. Where I don’t know.

Hmm had an experience and have to end an issue. shite.

etc etc

the thing I’m really over is myself. I just saw someone being shit to a few workers and I went off my trolly. I should apologise but I mean it. The issue it’s over is sacred to me as a sex worker too so I’m doubly not sorry.


I’ve become what I despise to fight what I despise and I’m pretty bottom line so it’s not pleasant.




God I fucking hate myself.





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hey there Miss Blake….its seems like ages since I stopped by your blog…my bad 😦 and I wont leave it so long next time.

So sorry to hear life is sucky at present for you. You gave me some advice once when I was in a similar place…..take some time for yourself, dont take the industry too seriously – at least the men part…, (the lady issues important to you it would be pointless me advising you to not take seriously, for they are in your soul), but most of all….u told me to take some time away doing something you like…well, same and back to you with hugz.

I hope you find your life cherry fizz soon….the world is a blander place without a bouncy Lucy, you are one of the few people that truly amaze me. If you find your way anywhere near to chilly Adelaide it would be my pleasure to shout the cupcakes. Take care xo

Comment by Glenn

Hi Lucy, sorry to hear you’ve had a bad day. We all have them good thing to think about is tomorrow is a totally different day and who knows what will happen. It could be the best day of your life. Keep positive and little lady you will find your smile again.

Comment by legaldude

Hey Lucy, wasn’t PJ’s comment fantastic. I think you’re lovely too. Those things that you hate, they’re part of why we like and admire you. Better to burnt out than it is to rust and all that. Rather a flaming red head than a boring beige. I wish I had time to see you this week but it’s end of financial year but at least I can send you an electronic hug !!!

Comment by David

Dear Lucy

Hating one’s self is both a dangerous and futile past time, and in my case at least, a totally redundant exercise. For why should I spend my precious time making sure that I feel hated and despised when, at last count, there were already a dozen people doing a fine job of it.

But hate is a powerful force, and one that is not easily ignored. Sadly, As much as we may want, we don’t all have the internal fortitude to live like Zen Buddhists and banish hate from our lives completely.

So in order to rid yourself of these terrible feelings , I encourage you to redirect your hate to any of the people on the following list . I assure you that everyone on the list has been carefully vetted and is fully deserving of your most scornful Hate and Derision.:

All Collingwood Supporters.
Channel 7’s Mel and Kochie.
Any fool who drives faster than me on the highway.
Any idiot who drives slower than me on the Freeway.
Restaurant Staff who insist on pronouncing ‘Bruschetta’ as though it is spelt with four ‘K’s’
People who are cruel to animals.
That Guy who does the voice overs for the Harvey Norman commercials
Justin Beibers Parents.
Anyone who says “LOL” in actual conversation.
People who don’t take an interest in Politics.
People who take enough of an interest to actually become Politicians.
Talk back Radio hosts.
Talkback radio callers.
Talkback radio listeners.
Anybody associated, on any level, with the Masterchef franchise.
Ricky Nixon.
Anyone who has never bought a copy of the Big Issue.
All Insurance Company Employees.
Muammar Gaddafi.
Anyone with more FB friends than me.
People who think that you are interested in their latest iphone Aps.
People who want to talk with you on a Train.
People too snobbish to talk to you on a Bus.
Subway Sandwich Artists, Apple Geniuses and any other twat with a ridiculous Job Title
Gertrude Beaverhosen. Truwst me, she knows why

Hope that this helps.


Comment by PJ

Hey my sweet. Lemmie thinks you are luverly. No self loathing please! (Yes he may have said something blokey about another lady which got your ire – but you know where his heart is!)

Comment by Lemmid

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