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and then the day got cheerier!
May 11, 2011, 4:44 am
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So I was having a shitty day… but then I was walking back from Fetish and I saw this stuck to a lamp post…

and I thought DAM RIGHT!

so I went and watched scary movies with a friend. We watched Freddy Kruger – the last one that came out and it was BAD! They didn’t even kill everyone with blond hair! It was so ungorry it was a disgrace to the genre! This bit was good but…

I would be frightened if Freddy came for me while I was sitting in the bath tub! Brings new meeting to the term “golden shower”.

Anywaaaaay, thanks to the lovely people who sent me a message cheering me up because I wasn’t happy and stuff. I really appreciated them. I was very cheery when they binged thru on my phone so thank you for being lovely.

You all have a brilliant day and I’m going to bed now.




ps. oow oow I also saw this

CONGRATS to Rachel and everyone who contributed to making the film! Finally a piece of work that is about the reality of sex work, sexuality and disability. It is also refreshingly sex and sex work positive! Do you know how hard it is to find any media that is sex work positive?!


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