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Shite Day!
May 10, 2011, 1:26 pm
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Hello people’s!

I’m having a craptastical day 😦 Soooo I thought I’d write a blog and have a sook, but that’s boring so I’m going to House of Fetish to slither into some latex to make myself feel better (and hopefully get my latex pants replaced. Look what happened to them and only on the 2nd or 3rd time I wore them – and noooo it’s not because my butt is so vast it has it’s own postcode and town planner. They were droopy because they were a size too big for me so that can’t be it).

Stupid broken latex pants

However, in happier latex news, I found a latex corset I haven’t worn since I bought it 5 years ago. I didn’t like it back then I just bought it because of my addiction issue, but now I like it! I show you why….


And for anyone else who is having a substandard shite day, I offer this….


I took this on the North Side and it made me go WOOOOAH!


ps. I’m moving my blog off this WordPress garbage. I can’t live with this formatting issue. Ooow I’m grumpy hahahaa.


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Love the corset. It is very flattering chest-wise, but your boobs look lovely with or without yummy shiny latex cupping them tightly! Might get you to wear it next time i see you. Shame about the pants.

Comment by Mark

I saw your boobs (very nice) and came to mind.

Are you in the sky with diamonds?

Hope your day improves. 🙂

Comment by Huff

Sorry, lets try that again.


Comment by Huff

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