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The Boy in my Life..
May 5, 2011, 11:31 pm
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Ok I am now going to tell you about something personal… shite one sec I need to do something first….

Ok I back! SHAZAM!

So I have a male in my life. There has been pressure applied by the boy and others for me to give up the sex industry for him. I keep explaining to him that running away to the country or suburbia is not an option because he doesn’t work so I have to support us both as a sex worker so I have to live in the City. He refuses to move in with me in the City but, so he is to remain at home with mum and dad until I can work out some way for us both to be together and live happily ever after.

I love him to bits. I can’t believe I have to go days and days without seeing him. It literally feels like my heart is being ripped out via my throat and reimplanted via my butt hole. I can’t stand not hugging him and having him in my bed making me feel warm and loved every night. I miss him looking at me, smiling at me and loving me. I miss cooking for him every day, I miss shopping for him, I miss cleaning for him, I miss cutting his hair, I miss watching TV with him with his head firmly nuzzled in my lap.  I just love him so so much.

I think he is about the hottest little beast I have EVER laid eyes on and certainly the best male I’ve ever had in my bed. I love him so much and I’m so proud of him, I’m going to show you a picture. Wanna see the man who has finally captured my soul?


His name is Chumpy and I adore him 🙂

He’s little and cute and furry and he has little feet that do this little feet walking thing and he has little ears that do this waggy ear thing. He is sooooo yummiferous I can’t wait for my access days (he is living with my mum because he can’t live where I do now).

Ok end of procrastination time – I have 4 uni assessments due tomorrow and I still haven’t started a single one. Two of them are now 3 weeks overdue lol. Hmmm I do know what one of them is about but… the other 3 not so much.


Try and find someone to love and squish today people’s!



ps. ok who fell for it? Who thought I was serious hahahahaaa? DERRRR! hahahahaa

oh and sorry for the whole lay out of my blog – it appears WordPress has put an upgrade on their software so now if I insert a pic, it pushes all the text up next to it rather than underneath where I initially format it to be. Only option is to center the whole entry which looks shit or have it like the blog above which surprisingly also looks like shit. THANKS WORDPRESS! NOT!!


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Bloody wordpress formatting spoiled it for you Lucy. Still you almost had me going. By the way I thought there was a Chester in your life before. Good luck with uni and thanks for getting back on the blog, I miss it when you’re away for a while.

Comment by David

I knooow, I don’t know what I’m going to do about this formatting issue. I could transfer it off WordPress blog stuff to my WordPress website and host it myself. Gawd drama.

Yerrr Chumpy’s first name is Chester… don’t ask lol.

Thanks for leaving a comment David. It was very cool of you.


Comment by Lucy Blake

Awwwww he is adorabubble!!! Boys like that in your life are priceless! Id die without my boys too 🙂

Comment by hollyinalbury

Hi Miss Holly!

I hung out with him again today and he rolled in dead stuff so I had to give him a bath and he was soo cute. Except the having to stick my hand on his butt to clean it AND his peeenis! Can’t stand out of order penises – they must be clean lol.

Hope you’re doing well Holly 🙂


Comment by Lucy Blake

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