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Illegal Brothels
April 4, 2011, 10:31 am
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… technically speaking in NSW there’s no such thing, there’s just brothels operating without a DA. Doesn’t stop the media and other stakeholders sensationalising and demonising them. Here is the latest from Chris Seage (Brothel Busters), ABA in NSW and Melbourne. The audio clip also goes on for a minute presenting the Swedish Model as an alternative.

I love the bit in it where the dude from ABA in VIC says one of his main beefs is that illegal brothels “undercharge” for sexual services… hahahaa like there is an Award for the sex industry! Next we’ll be told one of the Super schemes (hmm maybe Hesta) is going to offer to provide us with a Superannuation service. Ooow ooow or maybe we’ll also get entitlements for sick days, minimum wage, maternity/paternity leave, holidays like every other business! Dick.

Ooow ooow I also love the bit where he goes on about how illegal brothels don’t have to say how they’re going to stay solvent – like who gives a shit?! No-one who starts a business can guarantee it is going to be successful so why should brothels have to prove it to get licensed?!

Ooow oow I also love the bit where they say one of the main problems is that illegal brothels and workers do bareback sex. I can go onto 3 different forums that I know of right now and pull up pages and pages of reviews of ABA brothels and workers providing bareback full service. Hypocritical much?!?!?!

Gaaawd I’m going back to uni work – at least with Uni the assessment I’m working on is people with disabilities being locked in institutions which technically only goes against the State and Commonwealth Disability Service Act and the Disability Service Standards. Drives me nuts we have laws that were introduced to stop discrimination and recognise people’s rights and no-one gives a toss and ignores it  because it’s to expensive to implement. That’s right folks, we have people with disabilities on locked wards who are literally caged like animals because we can’t afford to recognise their rights, but we can afford millions of dollars to introduce new laws to police the sex industry and take away the rights we currently enjoy.

God don’t even get me started on SWOP and the NOT FAIR fight I’m having with them at the moment! I’m so sick of fighting all the time with people who shit on people’s rights!

Maybe I should just concentrate on moving to a cardboard box because I’ll have no choice but to live in a box because that’s where the new laws, new Council LEPs and increased powers are going to make sex workers end up. That’s right folks, I’m bringing back glory holes! I’ll cut a little hole in the end of the box for your penis to go thru because my box will only be big enough to fit me in…. hmmm unless I can lay my hands on a big fridge box or something.

Anyway Chris Seage has been increasing his rhetoric for the last 12 months or so but the disturbing thing is you now have media besides The Telegraph reporting it and in a Today Tonight/A Current Affair/Daily Telegraph way.






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Hi Lucy, our government does treat those with disabities in the worse way. It applies to the mentaly ill as well. I read in the paper only a few months ago about a man who after assualting his girlfriend was found unable to stand trail because of a mental condition. Rather then hospitalize him they put in jail. He has been there for the last 10 years. Why didnt they get him treatment? What gives a government the right to lock up its citzens withour trial and not even try to treat him so that he could stand trial at a later date. Something is very wrong with our country.

Comment by legaldude

Hi Lucy,
I know of someone who went into a so called private hospital last year for depression. Door whee locked from 10pm to 6am. They even had the old electric shock treatment.I could go on but well!. All I know is that six weeks in there did SFA.

Kind Regards


Comment by Colin

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