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Face Book from a beginner hookers perspective
March 29, 2011, 12:54 am
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So I’m procrastinating. Don’t ask. I am so procrastinating I looked at my Face Book account. I set up the profile years ago and haven’t been on it since because I’ve always hated it. I always thought it looked messy so I can’t stand looking at it. It’s like Twitter but you can have more then 140 characters to do it in. BUT I’ve been on Face Book 2 whole days now and I’m changing my mind!

People I have on my Face Book:

Sticky Tape Boy – this dude raps his face in sticky tape and does… well interesting things and takes pics. He is unique!

Sex worker whores – these are the woman who are into fighting for sex worker rights. They’re REALLY interesting and quirky and smart and post the most curious things in life.

Spandex Boy – he’s into spandex and takes pics everyday of him in different fluro colored spandex. Again.. how cool?!

Overseas sex workers – these woman are a classic. The most hilarious, hardcore and down to Earth woman EVER. They say the funniest things so if you’re down or something has gone wrong, you go and speak to them and they save your life.

I think Face Book is shite for doing business on and for woman in the US it’s gotten some really bad press and ladies have had serious trouble with it.Face Book has said they will pass on details to the police any sex work activity they know is being conducted on it. They’ve also had issues with people in their email lists being contacted by law enforcement agencies. Not good.

What I do think it’s good for is spinning out. It’s like a chat room for the world and there’s hundreds of conversations all going on at once. People just throwing it out there… THAT is pretty cool.

Ok now I have even written a blog about my first two days on Face Book to procrastinate. Shameful.

Gotta go,

Bye bye



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Hi Lucy,

Facebook call me old fashion my two girls are the only two in year 8 with no acess to it.One other thing no mobile phones.

Kind Regards


Comment by Colin

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