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Sex Workers Lose.. WOBBLIES WIN!
March 26, 2011, 9:46 pm
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I’m really distressed about the elections

There’s so much stress, freaking, fighting and drama ahead now.

It’s hard work being a sex worker and I’m not talking about the actual act of prostitution.

God I feel so fucking betrayed.



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hey lucy i sent a message through to you earlyer I was wondering if you could take it off, I mention NSP, Newly Single Person. I wish thanks
please let me know via my email, thanks

Comment by James

Hey lucy I sent an email, but just didnt realise until now that it is a no responce link, duh…

anyway I hope your assignment went all right, and like I said in the email. when it comes to uni being around a bunch of young intellectuals who doesnt know a thing about the streets and the real world, but seem to manage high distintions in their work….. so dont forget.

Buy a bag of cement and harden up. anyway have a look at a site that nurses but there assignments on, look under disabilities and institutions and see what you get especially ones from the nurses.

best of luck and if things get to bad in NSW with the new government, we can always move to QLD. but than we will have to put up with you.. just joking. ha ha ha ha ha. anyway some of the guys at ACON says gday, I think it was Shane from NSP,

must go an get back to work.


Comment by James

Hi Lucy,
We will have to wait four long years and see if Bazza can do what he thinks he can do then vote him out.

Kind Regards


Comment by Colin

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