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I went to a fetish party last night….

I won’t say exactly what happens there, where it is etc, because it’s private and I respect that. What I will say is it was AMAZING!

The thing I like about fetish parties is that nothing is assumed. You are an individual and normal is not invited. I have felt for a very long time being involved in this industry and my straight job world, that “unique” is not celebrated enough.

I don’t know but to me everything about the sex industry is beige.

So what makes fetish parties so unbeige? …. besides the attire of course… oh and what goes on there lol.

At a fetish party Pleasure State lingerie is optional 😉

Can I get a HALLELUJAH?!

I was sitting on a big comfy lounge watching a world of one off latex, leather, lace and PVC creations float by me. Stockings, suspenders… all the delectable alternate things in life. While I sat I was having a chat to someone about play. Everyone likes to play differently. Everyone has their twist, but the one thing that I find is common to most is that they play for a deeper connection and wouldn’t play with just anyone for the sake of getting off. Everything is created for emotion – for feeling. Sure when you see a sex worker, I’d say all the private workers I know genuinely care about their clients. We are interested, concerned and want to please because your happiness and enjoyment is something we genuinely care about. What if that is not enough? What if you want to connect with your clients as a lover, not just as a friend (all be it with benefits)?

I suppose I like fetish/kink or whatever you want to call it because I need to know every time my partner takes a breath. I need to know if he’s too hot, too cold; I like to see every move of every muscle, every twitch. I like to suspend time. I like that nothing matters except the moment. I like that there is no thoughts except for each other the time you’re together.

I like fetish parties because it is a perfect community. You will have heterosexual, bisexual, spansexual, asexual and every twist on that. I like that all of these people from such diverse places in life can all come together and be friendly. In a world of war, devastation, uprising, elections, threats and forums, it is the only place I know where all of that is left behind. Where there is nothing but respect for each other and the space you’re in.

I was watching a woman being flogged by her partner. I couldn’t get my head around why a man would want to flog a woman and why a woman would allow it. Makes perfect sense to me a woman flogging a man, but the other way around…. hmmm. I then began watching their faces and the absolute devotion they had for each other was amazing. The flogging is neither here nor there it is simply an activity. To stand in a room with 300 people doing something fairly full on and for no-one to exist except you and your partner… wow. To have your mind clean, to hear nothing, to see nothing, to feel nothing except your partner… maybe that’s what it’s like to make love – don’t know, Ive never done it. Certainly looked like they were making love. Their faces and body movements said love even though there was no sex going on.

Then I put myself in the shoes of the couple. In a society where men are not valued as men and woman are expected to be equal to if not stronger than men it is tiresome. To have a man take you and lead you, to allow him to show his strength, to allow him to take control (and no not in a nasty bash the shite out you way – when engaging in BDSM it takes an amazing amount of self control, control of the tool you’re using and ability to elevate someone to a headspace where they’ll enjoy it), to know someone belongs to you and only you and they will look after you for the entire time you’re together, to allow him to mark you as his own… lol yup that’s right folks, I’m a throw back to cave man times!

Might make me sound strange (lol do you think?!). For me it’s a beautiful concept, but not one I could ever engage in/enjoy as a professional. I suppose I lust it because it is the forbidden fruit – like bareback sex really. That and I genuinely enjoy being bossy and Dom lol.

I also like fetish parties because they give me perspective on life. There is always somewhere I can sit down, watch the world go by and have people come up and chat. I watch people caring about each other and respecting each other. It reminds you that in the world of the hooker where rejection and/or being ignored / and or being someone who “I’ll have to put her on my list of things to do” is common place, that you are actually more than that. It makes you reassess how you allow people to treat you, your standards and expectations. Not just in the world of hookering either, but also makes you think about all of your personal interpersonal relationships.

I also like fetish parties because people who go to them are ridiculously funny!

Anyhooo, I went, I saw, I conquered … well not really because I didn’t do anything to anyone hahahaaa. I went with the gorgeous Miss Georgia who looked after me and made sure I always had enough lemonade and was never out of site. I adore that woman to bits. If she’s not bringing me my share of the baked dinner she cooked for her kids in a Tupperware container, she’s dragging me out of my unit to have a laugh and watching me like a hawk to make sure no-one I don’t like is bugging me. She saved my bottom a few times on this occasion lol, so Miss Georgia if you’re reading MWAAAH AND A HUGE THANK YOU! 🙂 Ooooh and then we had to walk a long long way in the pouring rain and the streets were flooding and we’re staggering down the street in latex, PVC and shiiiiiiny shoes. Very cool.

Anyhoooo, bye bye




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Hmm… I find it really interesting that you refer to hetero female submission as forbidden fruit. I never really thought of it that way, but I suppose it is for a lot of men and women. Myself, I’m decidedly Dominant, although I have occasionally been inclined to switch in very trusted company, and found those experiences to be very satisfying as well.

Comment by Madame X

Thanks for the long reply Lucy and I am glad you cleared up my misapprehension about what you thought was beige. You have infinitely more experience here and I know you are right in your feelings about the industry. It’s a bit like porn too, which is all so beige, no-one using real intelligence or genuine feelings to produce interesting stuff. One of the things I admire about you is that you have this great variety of personas you can wear from the big girl’s clothes (which you do rather well) to the PVC which you do even better. Keep it up, you certainly make my life a little less beige.

Comment by David

Lucy, it sounds you had a fun time. It’s always titillating to live vicariously through your adventures (apart from the bit about having sex with men a lot). It is curious that you see so much of what else passes between us as beige though. Still I can see what you mean about taking something to the edge and trusting that you won’t be pushed off. Thanks for your honesty.

P.S. Thanks for the picture of your bagina too, I did enjoy that one !

Comment by David

Hello You!

Heeey, I edited that post down to half it’s size. I actually talked about stuff I found beige, but it’s not my place to criticise. Just because I think something is much of a muchness and relentless lol, doesn’t mean it doesn’t make a million and one other people happy, so who am I to shite on them or whatever is going on so to speak? I got a touch of the “Who do you think you are?! Pull your bloody head in!” and edited it all out.

The only time I get to relax and have a laugh (and whatever else) is when I’m being Lucy. I find life very argh so I take huge relief in “Lucy Time”. I don’t consider what happens between us as beige, rather I find “the industry” beige.

Ok I’m going now…. phew he says hahaaa.

Take care lovely one and thanks for the chat 🙂


ps. ooow you liked the bagina pic?! Excellent

psagain. I don’t know if there is an edge you can be pushed off. If there was, I believe it would be as messy as you suggested lol. Still I don’t find fetish parties that weird or even close to hardcore. Truth be known, they’re just like going to a bar with beautiful well dressed people except they’re nice to you in these places!!!!! I shit you not!! Ooooh and you can… hmm I shut up now 🙂 Oh and I can wear latex and thigh high boots. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?!?! lol. I feel awkward and wrong and ugly in a real girls dress. Uck. Who wouldn’t prefer going to a place where you can wear ME CLOTHES?!?!

Oh oh one more thing – Have a most excellent day 🙂

Comment by Lucy Blake

Funny bugger. Glad you had fun. Thanks for helping me revisit some old friends and for not turning back in the torrential rain. xxx

Comment by GF

Turn back?!!?!


Comment by Lucy Blake

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