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Look out! Picture of Lucy’s BAGINA!
March 6, 2011, 10:46 pm
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Wait, wait, I need to get something….

Ok back

I hope you’re all smiling 🙂

As per usual I’m being slack. I’ve been hectic so haven’t been writing anything. One sec I give you another pic to keep you interested ….

Look I'm not in black AGAIN! People will think I've gone all GFE like! Perish the thought!

I’ve only got a few minutes because I have to run away and catch up with one of my favoritest woman of ALL time. She trained me as a Mistress and she’s about the most hilarious, scariest people I know lol. I’m always waiting for her to jump on me or stick me in a head lock and take me on a tour of her bagina hahahaa. She’s about to go back to Eastern Europe and I REALLY want to go with her, but I have stink bug uni 😦

So catching up… ummm… oh first thing I should say is I’m as gooorgeous as ever BWAHAHAHAA!

Ok on a serious note…. hmmm sorry don’t have serious in me tonight! ROFL!

Let’s do pics instead that I haven’t put up for you because I’ve been a busy bee:

I made this trifle because I’m looking for the ultimate in sploshing food. I’ve never done sploshing before (if you don’t include food used when doing foot worshipping), but I am convinced it will be AMAZING so I’m forever looking for the ultimate delight. Here’s the thing… by the time you eat the test splosh food, you’re cured of it. Yup, after eating that entire bowl of trifle in one night, I doubt I’ll ever be able to sit in a bowl of trifle and wiggle around in it again!


Silly string fire works!

I took this pic for you guys because I adore bad pictures of fire works. Personally I’m not a fan of them in real life (people who’ve never done love, don’t find anything appealing about them. They’re a luxury for normal people), however I LOVE bad pictures of them because they look like silly string which is one of my favorite things in life.


My new tool belt

This is my new tool belt! Look it fits EVERYTHING! well it fits at least 8 different adventures at once anyway. I do some volunteer work for an org that is about to move so they were cleaning out a store room. One of the people who works there who knows what I do, decided I needed a tool belt so I scored!! Ok ok boring I know so I’ll give you a cool picture of it…

kekeeehehehee look it's my bagina!

Sorry to the poor boy I made sit there and tell me how builders wear their tool belts so I could get “the look” right 😉 Hmm he didn’t even get scared. Takes a lot to scare a boy these days. I wonder if men fully expect to see whacky stuff when they visit a hooker these days so nothing phases them. It’s not as much fun if people don’t twitch in fright at the freak show 😦

Ok ok I REALLY have to go now. You all take care, you all keep smiling, you all be fantastic! Oh and I promise next time I’ll write a serious blog!



ps. does anyone have any words of advice for people who copy blogs and other things? Is it better to ignore copy cats? They’re copying my mannerisms, my everything basically. Grrrrr THINK FOR YOURSELVES PEOPLE!



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Lucy- if you would like to do something with food. I’d be a starter. The thought of gulping down a lovely homemade trifle served attractively on your chest is a nice one, and the more it dribbled down into your various crevices, the better when it came to licking up the scraps…

Comment by Mark

Two photo’s of Lucy in uniform plus one of trifle!!.Hum there a line there. Back to the top photo. Lucy you can be in black/red / pink or even just normal every day clothes you will always be the same kind person that I know.

Kind Regards


Comment by Colin

Aaaaw Colin you are ALWAYS such a sweet heart 🙂 Thank you baby 🙂


Comment by Lucy Blake

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