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Sex Workers doing it for you…
January 19, 2011, 4:30 am
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Hmmm minds out of the gutter please … yes I saw the cogs turning and you were thinking this was going to be a blog about gorgeous ladies playing with pink princess vibrators! Nooooope …..

I know, I know I’m making all these whore power blogs (and I use the term “whore” in the kick butt reclaimed way), BUT sex workers are kind of super impressive at the moment, so you’ll all just have to put up with me going WOOHOOOOO WHORE POWER for a minute (and if you’re NOT a sex worker and call a sex worker a “whore”… noooot a good idea).

So my latest bit of VERY exciting news is that some ladies have come together to do some fund-raising for people in the QLD Floods.


Miss Spicy Cayenne, Kelly Raines and Miss Winter ….

From 20th – 31st January, they will be donating 20% of earnings from their appointments to the people hit by the floods. 

You (adventure buddy)  have a choice to donate directly and have the receipt under your name, or if you need discretion, then they will be happy to do it on your behalf using any name or username you like.


For other ways to donate and to discuss meeting one of the ladies so you can donate in style with a smile 😉 , please check their websites for contact details.

People really need you.
It’ll make you feel all sqoodgie jelly on the inside too 🙂

They are also asking any working lady who would like to join in and donate a percentage of their bookings to contact Miss Spicy.

Now I know all of you gents are bursting at your seams to join the ladies (and if you’re super lucky, they may even use their special pink princess vibrators on you!!), so I’m going to be helpful and give you their links 🙂

Miss Kelly Raines is also running another funny, cool promotion on Sensualdownunder. For more information on what Miss Kelly is doing, please have a look around the SDU site, or you could call or pop her an email.

Anyhoooo, these ladies are dedicated and on a mission… it’s always exciting when a girl is on a mission! yup

I know when someone brings me a box of ink cartridges to help me with Uni it makes me REALLY smiley happy and I am extra specially lovely. Imagine how happy you’re going to make these three gorgeous woman feel if you do something from the heart like donating to something that is so important?!       MAJOR BROWNIE POINTS!

Go on quick quick, check their links and make a booking.

Ladies you’re the best 🙂



ps. and yup I’ll be doing something when I know when something is happening … or not hahahaaa. I will keep everyone posted on the ladies progress 🙂

go on, hurry up….

quick quick!



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Hi Lucy, I’m a journalist in Sydney looking to produce a TV project/ documentary on women in the escort industry. I believe the media has portrayed it unfairly A LOT and would like to hear your side of things. If you are interested in helping me with this, or know any women who might, i would love to hear from you

Comment by Stephanie

Hey Lucy!

Thanks for posting about this special offer!!!

For me the choice to do this was pretty simple, I have a number of Family and friends in flood affected area’s and this was one way that I could help!

It’s a very worthy cause in need of some very worthy assistance!!!

Comment by Miss Winter

You’re a good egg Miss Winter 🙂


Comment by Lucy Blake

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