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Brisbane ladies in trouble :(

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to pop up a blog about Brisbane. Having just moved back from there (and no I wasn’t a fan due to lack of cake shops although Brisbane men are EXCEPTIONAL in the true adventure department), I can tell you things are VERY bad for many workers.

Lots of the ladies in Brisbane do the regional touring thing that you don’t get so much of in NSW. All of the towns they tour to are underwater. Many of the ladies home base is also in an area which is either flooded or is about to be flooded. Here’s a list:

My unit where I was staying will be under water. Fortunately there are no cake shops in Brisbane because then they’d be flooded too!

The Brisbane workers will now be doing it VERY hard because the rain has lasted for months. The Brisbane boys will also be doing it hard because all the tradies, truck drivers (HUGE shout out to Barny Rubble 😉 ), people who grow stuff and all the other people who need fine weather to operate will be in big trouble. This comes at the same time as Christmas and school holidays so there are a lot of people in QLD hurting 😦

The problem isn’t going to go away when the floods go away either. Everyone will be scrambling to clean up and make money before they can play in the industry again 😦

If you’re a gent travelling to QLD for work or play, I encourage you to see one of the lovely ladies in QLD. I’ve met a whole bunch of them and although they thought I was super strange (I do weird stuff to men that isn’t quite done yet in QLD hehehee), I felt nothing but welcomed by all of them and can vouch for the fact they are waaaay more attractive than me (they’ve all got perfect hair and nails and clothes and hardly any of them smoke!) oh and friendlier than me (again with the not doing the tying up of boys like I do!).

I read on the forums that it’s no good punting in QLD because of the laws around needing to use a prophylactic when engaging in any activity where bodily fluid can be exchanged. I can honestly tell you that when I worked in Brisbane for 9 months I had an absolute BALL! Everyday I did something new and different and it was an absolute hoot and I learnt new and exciting ways to do things to abide by the law and yet get around the law. If the only reason you don’t punt in QLD is because of the condom, dental dam thing, then you’re nuts! There’s more to awesome sex than being concerned over the need for safer sex practices and if that’s what you’re fixated on, then you’re doing it wrong…   helloooooo naked woman, wanting to put your penis in their mouth and gobble on it, before the fuck you senseless… does it REALLY matter there is a condom involved?!?!

So to all you travelling lads…. GO GET LAID by a beautiful woman!! And do you know what will be even better?!? Work will be slow so they will be super horny and will super duper want to bonk you!!!

QLD sex workers need you like they never have before. I strongly urge anyone that can support QLD sex workers to do what they can!

Have an awesome day and my bestest, happiest thoughts are with the ladies and gents of QLD.



ps. if any ladies would like to come to Sydney on tour, let me know and I can help you find lovely accommodation and will help out where I can as I’m sure all the good souls of Sydney will. Sydney men are wonderful – I adore all of my clients and I’m sure you will too if you come to say howdy and escape for a little while 🙂

psagain. and if any of my Sydney clients choose to see a QLD lady when on tour… I’ll lecture you for cheating on me 😉 HAHAHAAA just jokes lovely boys 🙂

psagainandagain. to any lady who has a friend or knows someone who works in QLD, the ladies could do with an email or phone call to let them know you’re thinking about them and for a bitch, groan, debrief and a laugh.

pssome more. oops sorry I forgot to help you lads find the yummiest ladies around QLD town….. (I met most of the QLD ladies off AB and can verify they thought I was strange which means you’ll have an awesome time lol and that they all look perfect with not a hair out of place)


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