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Website Update for Lucy
December 31, 2010, 12:30 am
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So I haven’t blogged for a while again 😦 I seem to switch between being focused on websites then back to blog, then back to website and around and around we go.

So for the website update… I’ve hmmm oh the gallery! I’ve got a members area on my website and I’ve got a few members galleries. Most of them are super boring, however I have one called Adventure of the Day and I’m trying to remember to load a picture into it every … well just every. If you’re a member of my site, you can have a wee perv here . If you’re not a member, you won’t be able to see it! Ooooooh noooooooo! You’ll have to join 🙂

For a sneaky weasel preview but….

mmmmm new latex pants yummy

Ooow ooow or for a bit of porn….

... sorrrry no porn.. that's way to rude for you lot!

Anyhoo there is a bunch of junk in that there trunk, so if vaguely curious, I’m trying to keep it updated for you 🙂

Ooow and I’ve also actually been loading stuff into my calendar which can be found here . That’s Decembers calendar so not sure what happens when my website ticks over to January, but I’m sure you won’t be to lost for to long 😉

Hmm and other stuff that I forget. I made that Adventure for Today gallery and went into the back end of the site to do it, but it had all of these buttons to push that I’d never pushed before so it was like wet paint and I pushed them all. I now have all of these ratings, leave comments etc options on the gallery. It looks ugly, I am sorry, but the buttons have disappeared somehow so I can’t get rid of it!! You’re all just going to have to forgive me 🙂

Anyhooo that’s all very boring. Now to the good stuff!… Hmm naaah I’ll write a seperate blog for the good stuff.

Hope you’re all doing well and are happy little space cadets like meeeeee 🙂 That’s right folks, it’s the fake it ’til you make it month 😉




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Lucy love the red corset. A great look for you and those latex pants. Very hot.

Comment by legaldude

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