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It’s a Teeheheheeee Day :)

Today was a good day 🙂


I was all blah blah yesterday, but today I found my BINGO again 🙂

Today I was the lucky recipient of …… drum roll…….



and then…..

I got to drive a FANCY car. It has automatic windows, the lights go out when you turn the car off so your battery never dies (most useful to someone like me), AUTOMATIC STEERING (bloody luxury! that’s always the first thing to go in any car I’ve ever driven. I thought I’d always upgrade into power steering but it appears I’ve now downgraded to no car and work cars in welfare… pfft. The power steering is always the first thing to go after the wheel alignment and all the cap things they stick on the wheels – welfare workers have an annoying habit of driving over round abouts, corners and anything concrete sitting anywhere near the road. Oh and poles – they’re always driving/backing into huge bloody poles). Oh and it has cup holders and they are strategically placed where you can actually reach them! Oh and it’s automatic so I didn’t even fall into any cars when I was going up the big hill! Yup is special. FANCY!

and then….

I went to the convenience store to say howdy to the boys and do some moon walking (they let me dance in the isles and helpfully turn the music up – they have the best isles for moon walking because they are high polished sparkle warkley slippy floors and the boys do this Iraqian dancing to compliment my moon walking and they always let me look better than them 🙂 ).

Hmmm ooooh and the point of that story is my next picture…

Mug Root Beer

Mug Root Beer

I almost fell over moon walking when I saw it! (that and I fell over a hammer)

Happy punting fella’s and happy hookering ladies 🙂



ps. and heeeey Wazzas, that’s your prize for winning the Name that Minja competition hehehee


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fair enough lol

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