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How excited am I? I’m not even excited, I’m VERY grateful 🙂

I’ve been blogging about my lust for cupcakes for some time now, however I just put up a Prizes for me Page on my website and my super funny boys have bought me prizes (well the lovely boys anyway – the rest of you…. grrrr you’re suppose to be reading my website every hour of every day.. anything else is NOT worshiping and what’s that about?!?!).

I just wanted to pop a blog up to say THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!

As with most things I do, I put the page up as a laugh and to take the piss out of myself (I generally find myself a little bit ridiculous if you haven’t noticed). I’ve never had a “gifts” page, but was reading somewhere about the ladies who do. I kind of considered putting a Ferrari on there like others have and then I thought hmmm that will mean I have to pay $100 – $200 extra per week in rent to park it and that seemed a bit uneconomical. I have one very genuine, lovely person who comes to visit who is very concerned about my future and finances and tells me I need to become more business like and start setting alarm clocks to get people out on time. I should be aware of the time and charging for it at all times. With those words ringing in my ears, I thought.. nope no Ferrari! Sooo I put up truly useful things I REALLY need.

I have received the BEST prizes EVER including….

cupcakes, cupcakes yum yum yuuuuuum!

Pallet wrap… don’t ask unless you’re feeling brave! hehehee

Ink for my printer!…. will be invaluable for Uni next year AND for some work I’m doing for a group that does lots of printing of info sheets, flyers etc. ALSO it has photo paper in it so I can print out lots of Christmas and New Years pics – FANTASTIC gift!

Again THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! They may seem like stupid silly things, but I really LOVE them. It is the thoughtful little things in life that make every day a gift as corny and stooopid as that sounds. I am completely touched and chuffed that someone would be walking around Office Works thinking about how excited I would be by ink. Gawd I’m a whack job.

I shut up now 🙂




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