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International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers
December 18, 2010, 3:00 am
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Hello to all,

Today is the day sex workers mark as the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers!

Having seen one very scary arse ugly mug this week, it reminded me of the many many lovely adventure buddies (“clients”) I have in life, but more the amazing sex workers I have in my life.

When the Ugly was at my unit (I knew him from years ago and had banned him but he managed to sneak his way past the screening), I put him in the shower, snuck out and called another worker. I couldn’t get her on her phone so I left a message. She had just gotten home to her kids, but when I called, she dropped everything and drove back into the City to make sure I was ok. I have given her a key to my unit in case I get killed and she needs to clean it out before my mother gets there (I don’t want her seeing my hooker stuff), so she let herself in and slammed the door so the bad client would know someone else was there. After the booking she made me a cup of tea and settled me down. I was frightened but I felt super safe.

For me this year, this is what International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers is about. It’s not about clients perpetrating violence; it’s not about the horrific media we experience; it’s not about the fear of the uncertain future due to lobbying for tighter regulation and oppressive restrictions; it’s not about so called “peer based sex worker orgs” and other agency’s making ridiculous assumptions and excluding us from the vital services we need; it’s about celebrating sex workers supporting each other when we experience all forms of violence including oppression, exclusion, emotional, mental and physical abuse.

I feel incredibly lucky to know some kick butt, amazing, giving woman in the industry. My only wish for this day is sex workers find another worker/s to adore them, protect them and be there with them when they need it and when they don’t.

To all sex workers be safe and be happy 🙂

Elena from Scarlet Alliance - she is AMAZING!

NAUWU Banner

Scarlet Alliance Banner



ps. my other big wish is that sex workers stop attacking each other on forums, blogs etc! If we are being foul to each other, how can we ever support each other?

ps again. to any sex workers interested in doing free lobbying, advocacy or media training, contact Scarlet Alliance 🙂


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Hi Lucy it is sad that WL’s have to live with the threat of this sort of thing happening. You are luckly to have a friend who will drop everything for you. Good luck always Lucy you are special.

Comment by legaldude

Well said young lady, glad you got a great friend to help you out.

Comment by marc

Hi Marc,

Thanks for your comment – I feel VERY lucky I have some awesome friends to help me out. This worker in particular is always helping my tooshie AND makes me limitless cups of tea, so I feel super chuffed and lucky 🙂

Comment by Lucy Blake

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