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I just wanted to start by saying a HUGE thank you to all the people who sent me emails and called re: my blog over the last few days. Someone said some rather vulgar things re: my blog and a few other ladies blogs and it was pretty awful to sit with.

So in the name of banality and to further offend the haters of sex workers blogs I offer up this….

I’ve decided to do something special!!

Today I saw gummi boy… I LOVE gummi boy. Gummi Boy has a serious relationship going on with my latex. I’ll put my latex on, I’ll pour oil all over it, I’ll be positioned on the bed and all lined up. Gummi boy walks carefully to the other side of the room, takes a 5 step run up and uses me as a slip and slide and shoots across the slippery latex (which I happen to be wearing) and off the other side of the bed. It’s absolutely hilarious magic! Yup I love Gummi Love 🙂

I have discovered a deep respect and bond for all people fetish now. The way people who are fetishing look at you … there really is nothing like it. Grown ups look like 6 year olds again looking at all their presents under the Christmas tree… but not like when they were really 6 and they only got 3 or 4 presents. I’m talking if you were the Prince of Sheba and your mum the Queen of Sheba got you one of every toy that existed at that time. SERIOUS OMG I’M SO HAPPY look in the eye.

So the next fetish I am dedicating myself to is…. mother if you’re reading this DON’T…… I’m growing my…. can’t believe I’m going to say this… it’s totally crass ….. my…. FUR! Yes that’s right people’s…. Lucy is growing her naughty furry bit!

Why does the word PUBES sound so gritty these days? PUBES is a dirty word for sex workers. PUBES PUBES PUBES. Are you cringing? PUBES. There done it, get over it PUBES!

I have a divine fetish boy who calls a red heads naughty furry bits something very very cute but I don’t have permission to publish it so I won’t, but when he sent me a message inquiring about it with the special name I went…. OMG I am soooo going to do this for him! Made me feel all soft and mooshie and girlie. Like a bagina was something to be adored, admired and patted, not something to tick off the list of .. yup I fucked it, yup I got 2 shots on goal up it, yup I licked the paint off it and yup I fingered it, now I’ll write a review on it…. “it was good, but would have been better value if it was $200 cheaper but YMMV”.

So I’ve decided this month (or as long as I can stand having them because I can’t stand PUBES myself), I’m going to have a new name for my bagina each day so I can grow to love my bagina rather than just seeing it as a useful bit like a finger or a fat butt. I’ve even picked out some endearing names so I can endear it to me….

fluffy muffin

pumpkin patch




cotton candy


… and please if you can think of any others let me know 🙂

I can of course think of many bad names for bagina’s like

The nut cracker

The Ball Breaker

The Engulferator

The Humilator

The Masked Avenger (no hang on that’s a peeeenis)

… well you get the drift

I think in this day and age, to many woman are to fixated on maiming and hurting their fluffy muffins. We pour hot wax on them, rip hot wax off them, pluck them, stick weapons up them (all sex toys come from the US who even to this day have more weaponry than any other country on the face of the planet – they specialise in weaponry, like the Germans specialise in corsets and the English in latex); we use them as tools, we use them as weapons, we use them to train boys (how much sex do married/attached men REALLY get?), we use them to punish men (did I ask how much sex married/attached men REALLY get?!).

So I’ve decided until I can’t take it anymore, I and anyone who see’s me, is going to fall in love with my bagina.. all of it and all of it’s pristine qualities.

Soooo any redhead fetishist out there, I can’t wait to adore you and have you adore my fur.

Juicy Lucidious Lucy


ps. I am a GINORMOUS supporter of sex workers organising and I am also a HUGE supporter of sex workers who blog. If you would like me to add you to my blogroll, please pop me an email or leave your blog address in my comments box below and I’ll be happy too. Take care and best wishes to all the blogging ladies out there – I have a blog so I understand the ins and outs and how hard it can be, but I assure you, the world is a more interesting place, a lot of ladies have someone to relate to and a lot of the boys are less lonely and bored because you do. I appreciate the effort you go to, the risks you take and what you have to say.


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Great news Lucy. I’m all for it! Cheers,

Comment by Ian

Yeaaaaay 🙂 Thanks Ian 🙂

Comment by Lucy Blake

Ginja MInja

Comment by wazzas

Wazzas is the winner!! WOOT to you young man 😉

Comment by Lucy Blake

Cool is there a prize ? hehe

Comment by Wazzas

New names for an adorable bagina.
How about Fanny de Rouge?
In honor of the new hairstyle.

Comment by Redhead Fancier

You are so right Lucy, there is something most disconcerting about saying the word ‘Pube’.
It always seens to get stuck in the back of my throat…


Comment by PJ

Woohoo, Lucy this is fantastic news, I love a hairy bagina.

Comment by David

You have my permission to use the term if you like. 🙂
The very notion of your rumpus womb getting new carpet fills me with delight.
Looking forward to seeing you in all your glory.

Comment by Redhead Fancier

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