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VERY bad news in WA for sex workers and people who visit workers
November 27, 2010, 12:19 pm
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Sex workers will now

need to be licensed
undergo criminal record checks
be finger printed and palm printed… what no retina scans?!
sex workers are banned from residential areas i.e. no private workers doing incalls


clients who have sex with anyone who is “coerced” into being a sex worker whether they know it or not will face up to 2 years in jail or 14 years if you knew it and had sex with them anyway. Apparently clients all have Degrees and years of experience in welfare so are qualified to gauge whether someone is being coerced or not.

a client caught entering or leaving an “unlicensed brothel” whether they know the place is licensed or not, will face up to 1 year in jail or a $6k fine


industry is regulated by STATE Govt

Expanded Police powers – Police can go into any premises they have “reasonable suspicion” is being used for prostitution, shut it down immediately, fine and charge anyone on premesis – that’s what happened in Kings Cross which is why all the Strip Clubs and brothels shut down. Police were raiding each club 5+ times a day with sniffer dogs, Dept of Immigration, DOCS, Kings Cross Adolescent Youth Service and Centrelink. No-one was ever charged, but on each raid they had 20+ officials and sniffer dogs in the venue which made it IMPOSSIBLE to get clients to go into them – would you want to sit around, have a relaxing beer and a perve at a stripper with Centrelink asking for your details even if you aren’t on a benefit? How about having a beer with a youth service asking if you fuck underage children? The thing with “reasonable suspision” and these Police powers is they don’t need a warrant to raid, they can just decide to enter and search – we have warrants for a reason! I think once again it’s only terrorists and sex workers who are tarred with the same unfair laws of being guilty and needing to prove their innocence in a court

Police will also be able to issue on the spot fines for any offenses they “reasonably suspect” is happening when they enter a brothel – again see the “reasonably suspect” words?! That’s code for, if you’re in there, you’re fucked.

Then we have the usual regulating advertising bollocks of needing to quote your cattle number to place an ad.

They will only be issuing a “small” amount of licenses for brothels – we don’t know what the quota or the guidelines will be for this, but if it’s like a QLD brothel where you’re only allowed to have up to 8 ladies on per shift (if you have enough rooms to support that many on at once), there’s going to be an awful lot of sex workers not getting much work in brothels because there aren’t enough hours in the day to allow them all to work. If they then have a quota for the amount of brothels they allow to be licensed at once, it will force a lot of workers to have to work “illegally”.

It’s a god awful day when an industry is regulated by the State Govt and Police rather than by it’s members, health professionals, work cover etc. It means something that should be an OH&S, Work Cover issue, will now see you end up with a criminal record. NSW regulates its industry, WA is criminalising the sex industry.

I read on some forums that some sex workers thought this model is a good thing – much like the Vic model. It’s nothing like it, it’s far worse.

I don’t know how anyone can think the VIC model is a good thing anyway. I mean needing to give a govt dept your personal info and having the fact you’re a sex worker recorded about you in some govt file for life is a good thing. The idea of needing a PCA or a license is outrageous.. last time I checked I wasn’t a dog and needed to be licensed by the local council I live in, let alone the State Govt! I also know a guy who has a PCA who got turned around at a US airport for being of moral turpitude. He had never been questioned by the Police, arrested by the Police, had a speeding fine, used drugs etc. The only thing he could ever think he’d done where the Govt would have his name was for having a PCA.

As for the VIC laws re: needing to have a current medical cert, when I went to Melbourne and worked in 3 brothels in 2 days (I have an issue with getting fired in Melbourne), when I arrived at the brothels, they all called a Doctor in who arrived within 60 minutes and I had 3 STI tests done in 2 days. They didn’t know the results of my STI tests, all I technically needed was to have them done. I was in Melbourne for a short period of time, had lots of sex with lots of men, the Doctors had no idea who I was, so I could have spread disease all over the place with no-one being the wiser. Stupid bloody system. In NSW where sex workers don’t legally need to get tested, statistically NSW sex workers and VIC sex workers have the same level of STI diagnosis (next to nothing) and we get tested basically at the same rate. I don’t know why anyone would think that a sex worker would not get STI tests done unless they were forced to by some law. What are we 3 year olds who will only go to bed if our parents are forcing us to?! Moronic.

Don’t even get me started on the VIC laws re: not being allowed to have an incall venue… it’s sooooo much better that if I was in VIC I’d have to do escort jobs. Going to someone’s private residence is soooo much safer than having someone come to me… NOT! The other good news is that it forces me to work in a brothel where the price is determined by some pimp owner of the brothel; I have to charge for extras whether I believe in them or not; and then the best bit is I GET TO GIVE AWAY AT LEAST HALF OF THE MONEY I EARN TO MY PIMP OWNER OF THE BROTHEL!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?!

pfft. anyway

Christian Porter
Attorney General; Minister for Corrective Services

Thu 25 November, 2010

Community safety first under proposed prostitution reforms

Portfolio: Attorney General

All forms of prostitution will be banned from residential areas and police will be given expanded powers to shut down illegal brothels under the State Government’s proposed law reforms.

Announcing details of the proposed prostitution model today, Attorney General Christian Porter said the Liberal-National Government had put community safety first in the drafting of its Bill.

The model encompasses licensing issues, prohibits any form of prostitution in residential zones, expands police powers to deal with unlawful prostitution, controls advertising and includes measures to reduce risks to persons engaged in prostitution.

“The public expects that no form of prostitution should be allowed in residential areas in Western Australia and they expect clear laws and robust powers so police can shut down illegal brothels,” Mr Porter said.

“Unlike Labor’s Bill which would have seen micro brothels spread into WA communities and hold local governments accountable for their regulation, our proposed model will limit brothels to a small number of appropriate locations and ensure regulation and licensing is controlled by the State Government.”

Under the proposed model, the operator, manager and prostitutes within a brothel would be licensed by the Director of the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor. To combat organised crime, applicants would be required to undergo background checks, including palm printing and finger printing at the discretion of the director.

The Attorney General said persons with substantial criminal histories would be prevented from obtaining a licence and there would be expansive provisions to prevent the involvement of juveniles.

“Operators and managers of brothels will face up to five years in jail if they are found guilty of employing a child,” he said.

“If a child is found present at a brothel, the operators and managers could face fines up to $24,000 for the first offence or imprisonment for up to three years for subsequent offences.

“The penalty for operating or managing an unlicensed brothel would be up to three years in jail, and for clients caught entering or leaving an unlicensed brothel the penalty would be a fine of up to $6,000 or up to one year in jail.

“To ensure community safety remains the top priority, police must be able to shut down illegal operations.

“Under our proposed model, police would be allowed to enter any premises they reasonably suspect as being an unlawful brothel and issue on-the-spot fines for any offences which they reasonably suspect are occurring.

“Importantly, they will be able to issue closure notices to any illegal business, with the approval of an officer of at least Assistant Commissioner rank.

“The public wants the Government to take responsibility for this issue, they want this situation resolved once and for all and they overwhelmingly do not want to be subject to antisocial and nuisance behaviour in their suburban streets.”

Under the proposed model, all advertisements for prostitution would be restricted to classified sections of publications and must include current licence numbers.  Any operator, manager or prostitute found to be engaged in unlawful advertising would be subject to a fine up to $50,000 and their property would potentially be subject to the operation of the Criminal Property Confiscation Act 2000.

Recognising the dangers of sex trafficking, clients who engage in sex with a person who is being coerced into prostitution would face a penalty of up to two years in jail, irrespective of whether it could be shown they knew the prostitute was coerced. Where they were aware that the person was coerced, penalties of up to 14 years jail will apply, or 20 years jail if the coerced person was a child.

“These provisions place an onus on a client to be certain that a prostitute is acting of their own free will,” Mr Porter said.

“We will also explore options to ensure prostitutes who wish to leave the industry are provided support and assistance to do so.”

The Attorney General said the Government had announced the proposed model today to provide the WA community with the opportunity to provide comment on the new laws before the Bill was debated in State Parliament.

“We want to take a responsible, pragmatic approach which will provide clarity, certainty and reflect the reasonable concerns of the vast majority of ordinary West Australians,” he said.

“We are determined to ensure that local government, residents and people directly affected by what is proposed are able to freely express their views in the lead up to the release of the draft Bill.

“The Government will consider all comment provided and, following this consultation process, our intention is to finalise and introduce legislation in the first half of 2011.”

Submissions on the proposed laws can be directed to: Department of the Attorney General: Prostitution Reform Area, GPO Box F317, PERTH 6841 Phone: 9264 1600 Email:

Attorney General’s office – 9220 5050


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