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Phone Drama part 2

Hello everybody!

Now because it’s such a fascinating subject…. (NOT!)… I just need to give you a phone update. I left someone standing outside my unit for half an hour and I actually thought they had no showed on me. I sent them a text message saying “I assume you’re not coming since you’re half an hour late” and I got a text back saying “nooooo I’ve been trying to call you to let me in”. I NEVER bother texting or calling anyone who no shows because I figure they’re rude and inconsiderate and it would more than likely be part of the fun to receive a text hearing I’m a tad pissed off and I don’t want to give them the satisfaction. This was the first time EVER I sent a “please explain because you’re being a pooh pooh head text” and thank goooodness I did!

Anyhooo it was the last straw – I got my week old Blackberry replaced 1 day ago because they thought it was the phone. It appears it wasn’t the phone, it was that Vodafone don’t have enough spaces in their phone towers to support the phones for the amount of customers they have. So I did the worst thing EVER and signed up to the dark side (and no I’m not talking I joined FIA)… TELSTRA!!! The boys at Telstra were lovely though. We bitched about Telstra and “The Mad Mexican” and I found out they have big phone towers with switches in them and certain companies can carry certain amounts of customers and then when that companies runs out of spots, a switch flicks and boots the person off the phone and replaces them with a new caller. If they don’t have enough switches, you can’t make or receive any calls at all, which is what’s been happening to me. Apparently the City is the worst for the switchy tower problem because each tower can only have a certain amount of people on it at any one time.

Don’t you think that’s HORRID?! You can sign up to a phone company, they charge you a ridiculous amount of money when they KNOW they don’t have enough places for you. It’s like working in a 5 room brothel and they have 20 girls on shift – they’re NEVER going to be able to guarantee to the girls they’re going to be able to get laid and make money even though they are paying the brothel a shift fee to be there and helping the brothel out promoting their business. PHONE COMPANIES ARE SHITTY UNPROFESSIONAL UNFAIR PIMPS!

ALSO what they do is onsell the space in the switch towers…. in other words, you could have your nice brothel bed ready to bonk in that you’re only competing with 20 other hookers to get at and then the brothel decides to let Joe and Harriet Blow from down the street come in and book a brothel bed (couples fantasies can be strange). Now not only are you competing for one of 5 beds with the 20 other ladies in the brothel, now you’re also competing with Jo and Harriet Blow from down the road!! AND the entire time the brothel knows full well they don’t have enough beds to fit all of their customers in!! 27 people, 5 beds! The phone company “3” (newly acquired by Vodafone) has 9000 spaces in the towers for customers and 100 000 customers!! AND they onsell these spaces!! SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!

AND did you know that Telstra only allow their staff a 30 minute break no matter how long their shift is?! So you could do a 14 hour shift (the average is 12) and you only get a 30 minute break all day… AND most of their people don’t get paid over time!! I stayed there for 90 minutes after closing time because the boys were trying to get me ported to Telstra and they didn’t get paid for ANY of that time!!! AND they only had a 30 minute break in their14 hour shift! BLOODY TELSTRA! AND they don’t even supply smarties, muffins, choc chip cookies or ANYTHING to make up for the fact they’re a rude, unethical, brothel pimping company! AND they’re chairs suck you have to sit on… my feet don’t even touch the ground and they’re hard!

So anyhoooo, the point of the story is… as of tomorrow after 10am, my phone should be sparkelling and working again 🙂 On the downside the Tesltra network doesn’t support my $900 1 day old phone, so I had to buy exactly the same phone again. Apparently Telstra works on an 850Mhz thingy where the other companies work on a higher frequency, so if you buy a 3G phone from anywhere but Telstra, you won’t be able to use it if you go with Telstra. If anyone wants a 1 day old Blackberry and is not on the Telstra network, let me know and I’ll be happy to wooshka it to you.



ps. I have LOADS of pics and posts to put up – I just have to finish this other annoying thing I’m doing and I’ll do it. I’ve managed to 99% finish this website and somehow I switched off the gallery so now I can’t load anymore pictures or attachments. I don’t know how I did it so I can’t fix it 😦 So now I’m going to have to take the skin off, re-skin it and start from scratch. I’ll try and get it all done this weekend and it will be back to la la land with more blogging.


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Hi Lucy. Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Not that it helps but of course, the airlines do the same thing you describe ie overbooking….

Comment by Ian

be careful not to get crushed in the rush for your old phone LOL

Comment by mark

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