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Phone Issues
November 5, 2010, 11:33 am
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Hi everyone,

I am having MAJOR phone dramas at the moment. I have a replacement phone while mine is sent away to be replaced with a new one, but it’s locked, on silent and they have given me the wrong password to unlock it. It’s now saying it’s going to wipe the phone if I don’t put the right password in…. eep, my sim card is going to self destruct!

I’m running up now to abuse the phone lady (we’ve been meeting every second day for one phone drama or another), to try and get it fixed. When the phone is unlocked I should be able to get calls, emails, texts etc. If you do however have drama getting thru to me on a phone call, please send me an email or a text because I can only seem to get them (texts only when the phone is unlocked and email on my phone when unlocked and laptop all the time)! I am sitting at my puter building sites for the next 48 hours straight, so I will definitely get emails.

I am so sorry and so pissed off with you for the inconvenience,



Mr Thinking Man…. I even bought two pairs of new shoes!! Took me 4 hours to find them last night! AND I bought a new set of lingerie to match the new shoes!! I couldn’t get into my phone book to call you on my other phone to let you know the mission was rodger dodger ready to proceed and I couldn’t answer the phone because it’s on lock and won’t let me when you called to confirm 😦

I was onto my last phone company I didn’t hate

I might start a hate blog


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Wow. Armistice Day. The hanging of Ned Kelly. The sacking of the Whitlam Government. And Lucy Blake’s birthday. It all seems to happen on November 11.

Comment by Willy Wonka

Hello Lucy,
I know it is on the 11/11 but one can not hold it off to say ”Happy Birthay”

Kind Regards


Comment by Colin

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