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Howdy to all the website people’s out there 🙂

Just wondering if anyone can tell me, when you’re skinning a WordPress site, does it work the same way a Joomla theme/skin would in that if you don’t like the color or header pic, you change them by unzipping, deleting pic you don’t want, inserting pic you want, rename exactly the same,  rezip and load? Also with the colors etc do you need to mess with the ftp css etc to change it?

I’m noticing that the skins look exactly the same as the Joomla skins etc. Ooow has anyone ever used Artisteer? I want to use it but I’ve read reviews on forums saying it’s craptastic for some browsers – does anyone have an opinion or any experience?

The back end looks different to Joomla of course i.e more user friendly and looks exactly like the blogs, but wondering about changing the themes etc.

God I hate building sites 😦 Once they’re set up it’s okeedokee but starting them from scratch is revolting. As soon as you set one up, you forget how to do it so you have to relearn it all from scratch as well.

Blargh! I’m going to have to watch 100 hours of YouTube again to learn how to do this bollocks 😦

I need a box full of little cupcakes


Does anyone know a good theme site to go to? If you can tell me one, I’ll share my box of cupcakes with you 🙂 Also if anyone knows a good tutorial site, you’ll be forever in my happiest thoughts 🙂 Also any opinion on Artisteer will make me smirky 🙂


shite I’m going to have to work this out by myself aren’t I? I DON’T WANT TO! SOMEBODY DO IT FOR ME! NOW NOW NOOOOOOOOW!

I can’t even get my credit card out to buy the hosting because it feels like to much boring effort – I DON’T WANT TO DO THIS!


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Hi Lucy,Computers,when two started high school this year one had to buy two laptops and network the house.Setting up an network I was informed it’s easy mate.The computer man that comes here to repair on what I stuff up are now on first name bases.
Kind Regards

Comment by Colin

Forget the blog I got the stupid answers already – now I just have to read thru pages and pages AND PAGES of nonsense.


Comment by Lucy Blake

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