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Luckiest Day of the Year

…. and nooooo it wasn’t because I had the best head hob experience ever – boys brains are so predictable heheee.

No it was the luckiest day in aaaaaages because it was the 10.10.2010 and that has to be lucky! People like me look for the lucky happy days all the time and I try my bestest to take full advantage of them. I in fact hunt luck. My favorite places are spots like Balmoral Beach because it has a wishing well. It also has set of picnic tables and chairs and if you pick the right one, lay on your back and look up, you’d swear you were in Bethlehem at Jesus being born time. It has 4 palm trees like on the Christmas Jesus being born cartoon they put on every year, with the three wise men and the brightest star in the sky sitting right in the middle of them… how lucky is that?! You have to go at the right time of the night (morning) though because the brightest star moves around. Oooow and I LOVE Palm Beach in the early morning because the stars start in the ocean and if you lie on the sand on your back, you can see more shooting stars there than anywhere else in Sydney! Yup I hunt the luck!

So when it was the 10.10.2010 it was time to hunt the luck. I decided to go to Sydney Hospital which is where Sydney Sexual Health Service is also located. It has a wish pig out the front with the idea being you rub his nose and pop your money in the slot, make a wish and it will come true! Now that’s what I call a piggy bank! Anytime I went to Sydney Sexual Health for my STI checks, I always popped some money in and wished for no STI’s and it always worked, so I reckon it’s the rooooly and trooooly working wish device not just a money generating scam.

Now making a wish is not a simple process – there is ‘process’ you must follow to give your wish the best possible chance. First of all you need to sit on the wall and hold all your coins in your hand and think about what you’re wishing for to put your positive wishing desperate energy into it.

Then you have to make friends with the Wish Pig ….


Piggy Bank Wish Pig

Piggy Bank Wish Pig


That Piggy Bank has wings I hear you scream!! All outraged and stuff… well yerrrrrs it does but I figure that just made it a Fairy Wish Pig which made it feel even MORE lucky so I was a bit chuffed when I saw the wings – I squeeled even! I went with my stand in husband who’s gay so I thought he’d appreciate the wings. Instead he just rolled his eyes at me and told me they’re dressing all the statues up in the City for Art About. I usefully pointed out they could have put a daggy cape and pair of trousers on him like they’re doing to all the other statues, but he had fairy wings instead, so clearly he beat the odds at being a Fairy Wish Pig so he was even luckier than I initially thought. Why do men always try and out logic you?!

Anyhooo I digress.

Next comes making friends with the Wish Pig piggy bank so you talk to the little critters he lives with including….


Lucy Blake lucky lizard

the lucky lizard


… not forgetting


Lucy Blake Sydney Escort Lucky Frog

the lucky frog


Once you’ve had a polish of all the lucky critters the Lucky Fairy Pig lives with, then it’s time to make your wishes….

First you need to talk to the Lucky Fairy Wish Pig and beg it to make your wishes come true as you madly rub his lucky nose..

Lucy Blake Sydney Escort and the lucky pig

Then you need to pop your money into the Piggy Bank hole. While you pop you’re money in you need to say your wish, keep rubbing Fairy Pigs nose and throw in a little more begging. It is multi tasking to the extreme. Oh there is also a hierarchy of coin usage as well. You need to put in your most expensive coin first and it has to go with your most desperate wish. You need to do it this way in case you get to your 6th wish and the pig gets sick of listening to your nonsense so he stops listening to your wishes (all things male have a habit of tuning out after I’ve been talking a while I find 😦 ). So most expensive and desperate wish first along with the coin that’s worth the most.


Sydney Escorts Lucy Blake

pop money into piggy bank hole



Lucy Blake Sydney escorts lucky day

and rub rub rub while you beg beg beg.. oh and wish if you're not desperate.


So that’s how you do it – if you mess it up or don’t do one of the steps it won’t work, so don’t mess about. Wishes involving a financial investment are powerful magic and don’t forget it!

Now if you decide to go and visit the Fairy Wish Pig Piggy Bank, I wish you good luck and a successful mission. I encourage you to go NOW because not only does the worlds largest Piggy Bank have his fairy wings on, but also a leather harness!!! YES A LEATHER HARNESS!! It’s like the Fairy Pig was put there JUST FOR ME!!!


Lucy Blake leather harness

Seeee leather harness!


So go now… NOOOOOOW before it’s to late! Oow and if you like, you can go and make your wish and pop back here and let me know how you got on. If you’re not from Sydney…. well then that’s very bad for you 😦

Anyhooo have a happy lucky day people’s,




ps. the next luckiest day of the year will be next year on the 11.11.2011 which also happens to be MY BIRTHDAY! VERY EXCITED I AM!!! I wonder where the luckiest place in Australia or Asia is… I should go there for my Birthday.. hmmmm


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Hello Lucy,
As always one top blog.How are you going after your move.
11/11/ Always remember that as Lucy’s birthay
(PO BOX No for card)?
Kind Regards

Comment by Colin

Hi Mr Colin

I still haven’t found anywhere to live and I’m still looking. I’m renting week to week an apartment that is ridiculous expensive 😦

Hope you’re doing well Colin and you’re still finding your smile everyday even if sometimes you feel like you need to hunt it down and throttle it to ring it out of the Universe.

Take care lovely boy,


Comment by Lucy Blake

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