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Lucy packing her sex toys away again..

Hellooo Everyone,

Long time no blog I know… I’m a bad bad girl… anyhooo…

I’m moving again. I don’t know where I’m going because I don’t actually have anywhere to go, so the plan is to go to Sydney for 3 weeks, look for an apartment to lease while I rent an apartment for 3 weeks and if I can’t find one, then I’ll go to Melbourne maybe. So anyhooo I’m off to Sydney for 3 weeks at this stage.

Which brings me to moooooooooooving. I DESPISE MOVING. I do it every 6 – 9 months and I hate it as much as I hate wasabi. For all of you who are lucky enough to be planted so don’t get it, allow me to take you on a magical journey of moving….

1. what tools to take – look at them all… how can you choose?! I feel naked without them! I can only take a few on the plane due to weight issues and I’m getting everything put into storage, so once they’re in there, it’s going to be next to impossible to get them out. THEN we also have the issue that they don’t fit in a moving box so the removalist can see them. You should see the looks the removalist man gives you if you ask him to pick up 3 boxes of sex toys and stick them on the back of his truck!

Lucy Blake Sydney Escort 1

How to choooose?!

2. You’re forced to eat all of your chocolate you’ve been hoarding – my mum posted me these little bunnies for Easter and I’ve been saving them up for a special occasion when I REALLY REALLY needed cheering up. Now I’m forced to gobble them early, BUT because they now have a personal meaning to me, I can’t eat them because they’re like people now so it makes me feel sad!

Lucy Blake Sydney Escort 2

Little Yummy Bunny People

3. taking stock of your life – the pile of tax crap you have to finally pull out of the drawer that faces you 😦 depressing 😦 I have one of those “tax drawers”. You know the drawer you pull out 2 cm’s so nothing escapes and so you can’t see what’s on the inside that you stick all of your tax crap in? It is the ONLY aspect of my life that is not completely OCD and I NEVER EVER NEVER get manic about.

Lucy Blake Sydney Escort 1

Depressing 😦

4.  sadness of leaving the rented microwave – if you’ve ever rented and the place came with a microwave, you’ll know egggsactly what I’m on about here. You know when you open a microwave and it stinks like a bachelors microwave i.e a combination of Indian Curry, Pizza and Kebab? It takes a full 9 months of washing it every day and boiling water in it to finally get the stench out and then you have to leave it behind. You finally tame the beast and then it’s gone! DEPRESSING!

Lucy Blake Sydney Escort 4

5. mess in the laundry – I don’t know what it is about laundries, but when you move you’ll never find anything as gross. I am believer that’s where dust bunnies go to chew on carrots and you’re socks that go missing. Everyone knows where ever rodents and bunnies are, there’s MESS!

Lucy Sydney Escort 5

Look! YUCK!

6. cleaning the oven – I HATE cleaning ovens the most. Look at all of that fiddly crap you have to get your paws around. If you have OCD, it drives you to mental unstableness to make it perfect and make sure you have touched and scrubbed every millimeter and made is shiny.

Lucy Sydney Escort 6

I can feel my blood pressure rising - it's going to give me a friggin stroke

7. chords – WHERE DO THEY COME FROM?! They mutate and grow 2 cm’s each week they are plugged in! For some reason, looking at wires and chords everywhere gives me the SHITS! I literally look at them and lose my temper. Gawd and then when you have to stick everything back into the box it originally came in so you can store it for moving, you have to try and cram all those shitty chords into the box. IT NEVER WORKS! You can NEVER stick the object and chords into the box in the Styrofoam casing it came in! I just can’t tolerate chords and wires!

Lucy Blake Sydney Escort 7

Look at them! Evil

8.  uglyness – seeeee what happens?! You have to stick everything in boxes including the bed skirt or valance or whatever it’s called. It makes your bed ugly! I DETEST ugly beds!

Lucy Blake Sydney Escort 8

Look at that! UGLY

9. the shite you find – I don’t know why it is, but I always find things I have no idea how they got into my unit. Take for example the glass below. I mean where the f**k did I get that?!  AND WHY?!

Lucy Blake Sydney Escort 9

maybe the Dust Bunnies decided to build a sky light into their hutch in my laundry

10. finally my MOST HATED THING…. PACKING BOXES! – I HATE THEM! I hate putting them together, I hate pulling them apart, I hate paying $7 each for them, I hate having to drag them home, blaaargh. I have moved so many times it should take me no longer than 40 minutes to pack an entire 1 bedroom unit. I find though, the more times I move, the more time I spend pissing about and dribbling my way around a unit staring at the walls. I don’t know why because my clothes etc don’t live on the walls, but I tend to spend HOURS and DAY shuffling around staring at the walls when I’m trying to pack them. It’s kind of fun when you actually locate something to stick in them though – it’s like building a leggo building inside a box.

Lucy Blake Sydney Escort 10

Leggo Land!

So anyhoooo now everything is nearly squished into boxes. I have booked Mr Furniture Removal, Mr Take the Rubbish Away, Mr Steam Clean the Floor, Ms Book Me An Apartment in Sydney and all I have to do is talk to Mr Flight Centre to buy my plane ticket. The only other thing I have to do is come to terms with what’s not fitting in my bag! Such a little bag… so many prizes I want to take with me!

Lucy Sydney Escort 11

my life

So that bag is where I’ll be living for the next forever. It’s kind of liberating and yet strange about having nothing in life but a bag. No house, no where to go, just you and you’re bag. Chantal (my ex-hooker friend) was always bouncing around the world with nothing but a bag. I kind of thought it was a cool way to live and she had a great philosophy and head space around it all. At least there won’t be any Laundry Dust Bunnies in there – frig I do however have a hair dryer, hair straightening thingy, electric razor and chargers for different gizmos in there though (hooker necessities)…. hmmm seems there is no escaping CHORDS AND WIRES IN LIFE! AAARGH!!!!

See you in Sydney people’s 🙂



ps. MadameX, those Vet gloves only come in the clear plastic 😦 I have looked everywhere for black or red arm pit high gloves and can’t get them anywhere. I have spoken to a hair dresser who had some high ones in black and they were a great thickness and were washable (not that I’d wash them, but thought it was cool anyway)! Those Vet gloves are not fitted to the hand shape and are way to large for my hand, but I wear 3 – 5 latex gloves over the top anyway (stops the scratching of finger nails and way useful to be able to rip one off if you need to use your hand and it’s just been up someone’s bot bot and then you need to quickly stick it back up someone’s bot bot – nothing worse than having to pull on and off gloves at times hehehee). You can get vet gloves that have a neck strap / shoulder strap on them so they can be haltered around your neck so they don’t fall down.

I’ll keep searching and if I can find any, I’ll let you know – those Vet gloves only cost me $30 and there’s 100 in the box 🙂

Take care lovely lady 🙂


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Hi lucy,

I love reading your blogs…you have a new follower now..

Comment by Steve Martin

Hiya Lucy,i just wanted to say hello and tell you that i enjoy reading your wrtiting 🙂 it reminds me of me too much,not sure if when u write it’s all planned by the book ,but like now i started typing and am going somewhere totally different now..

Just wanted to say how I enjoyed a lot of your blog things (im pc clueless still)

I had contacted Georgia French an u both write really well,i had watched porn all last night and couldnt release once but reading yrs and Georgias words made me feel semi excited again,and i made the plan at 2 am that ill see georgia after 10 aam and shes not working till wednesday 😦
so i didnt want to go and blow a grand on some bullshit thatg ill end up not happy with,so i told georgia if she comes home earlier and wants to hang out ,im there overnighter at least unless she gets bored but that aint gonna happen as it 10 am and I went to get on instead ,to relax a bit more as everyones talking bout weed of course and i have my doubts u smoke at all unless yr with ppl uve known for years on occassion for a lark,but not like me,i smoke everyday im sue you kno chronic smokers who go mthru a 1/2 a day, nearly 200 bucks a day its got to slow down
now i kno of you and Georgia and ‘well id still need to supply minutely to family members and some 1% percenters

I miss the 1%ers gear as it was worth the money but god knows whats happening with most MCC’s besides the largest in the world,the 1st,HAMCC and the big Red Machine,im blabbering irrelevant shit now,now i was just about to call you and have a day or 2 of doing anything we want when I read that u dont see clients under 38yo which is fine ,each to there own but im 32 gonna be 33 soon and i cant see u either lol,i had to vent to someone and thought id vent to u as its not gonna keep ya up tonight with me either.. just to double check
and i take no offense if u do offend me << lol um I can be a larican sometimes it may be my age im still 33 but im so serious about things too its not funny ,so what im asking is ,theres no way ud see me as a client correct? and i noticed u said u dont like to party with clients but u encourage them to,thats fine too,altho i dont drink any more,july 09 was my last bender ,but i smoke pot and would that bother you if u did decide 33 isnt that far off and want to see me.. im just asking coz i wont wait around if thats not what u like to see,and maybe u can help me with Georgia\
does she mind a smoker not a junkie a pot smoker,i kno a lot of ppl still see it a s taboo,im not a bad bloke i think (i do talk a lot like now u kno my life story..oh besides doing my military service in Bosnia under Croatian territory ) im again sorry if i make not much sense,im tired and still looking for accomodation for the night let alone some company too , just need a hotel room and an upper fix ,well tonight instead of blowing thousands on you and yr friend ill blow a few grand at MR Coke tripper!

I have lots of questions regaurding phone sex and such so get bck to me when u have time ,Thanks xx
Tommie Black Shirts AKA Stiven AKA InsomniCroat! lol,u may wnat a smoke ,a pizza ,anything call me ..oh no better not,if today was a goer it would be good but later i cant ill have porsdior to create..

Gonna buy some phone sex why not huh tc coz everywhere …ull find Ustase!

Comment by Tomi

re – vet gloves

The common deposable vet ones actually come in 3 colors. Red, orange & yellow/ All transparent colors. The color coding actually relates to the thickness. Red the thinest and yellow are the thickest

They are apparently also available in clear but I am yet to find a supplier.

I get mine from Genetics Australia. I order over the phone and they turn up a few days later.

I find it quite amusing that I get my sex supplies from artificial imsemulation suppliers.

Also if you stretch the gloves at the arm opening, they narrow ( a bit like forming elastic ) and you can wear them with out them falling down.

If your after a solid red or black gloves your only real choice is to order them from a speciality latex fetish shop overseas ( ie skin 2 ) Don’t bother with the ones you can buy locally as they a cheap and nasty and will barely last an adventure.

Oh if you ever end up in Melbourne it would be fun to show you some of the more interesting clubs in town.


Ms Sandy Crack

Comment by Sandy Crack


That is all super useful to me and a few other ladies reading I’m sure – I really appreciate you took the time to comment and REALLY appreciate the info. Not everyone is very forth coming with helping others out with tips and hints these days, so it makes me smile when someone is so generous.


Comment by Lucy Blake

Oh to make things a little easier the ordering information for the gloves are –
Polysem examination gloves Red – PSGLOVR
Polysem examination gloves Orange – PSGLOVO
Polysem examination gloves Yellow – PSGLOY ( thicker)
Polysem examination gloves Clear – PSGLOVC

The orange ones are about $20 a box /100 + postage
The others are closer to $30

Oh my other tip on doing sex on the cheap is that I buy my lube from the local aids council and I get a years supply about 4 litres for $20. I then decant it into smaller squirt bottles to use on adventures

Best. Wishes

Comment by Sandy Crack

Hi Lucy

moving sux the big one…I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had to do it again. Hopefully it’s the start of a new and exciting time for you. Hope all goes well, look forward to reading your blogs again soon. Look after yourself…. pancakes in every flavour and cupcakes should ease the stress xoxo


Comment by Misterteddy

Hi Mister Teddy!

I hope you’re doing well lovely boy 🙂 It’s good to see you pop in and leave a comment. I was wondering where you were hiding these days!


Comment by Lucy Blake

Hi Lucy,
I agree moving is one of the —- jobs going.If you will be in Sydney over the next three weeks is it possible if I can get in contact with you

Kind Regards

Comment by Colin

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