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Prostate Question

Hi Everyone!

Thank you soooo much for the help yesterday 🙂 saved my life and helped me fight with Vodagone AGAIN!

Today I have another question….. if there is anyone prostate or medically minded inclined…. (OMG my blog is turning into a forum thread lol).

To the question……  if someone’s prostate has stopped working, does prostate massage actually work anymore? I’m not aiming for a hard on or anything like that, I’m more thinking of actually stimulating a prostate in a way that would make a boy feel yummy? I know there are different reasons a prostate may stop working including cancer and having chemo/radio, having parts of it chopped out, with age it may stop functioning, medication etc…. BUT, I’m wondering if there is still a way to stimulate it to get a feeling or pleasurable reaction from it.

For example if you were to use sounds (even a vibrating sound) which sit on the prostate or if you were to use electro devices with a Tens Unit and throw little pulses thru it, would that cause any sensation?

I’m also not after “milking the prostate” as that is way to complicated and not something I think works particularly well even with a fully functioning prostate, even if you can find it. Not all boys want someone’s finger stuck up their bot bot either, instead preferring a device or toy. I’m always doing ten things at once so I could never have an entire hand missing at any one time anyway.

Soooo does anyone know anything about turning that frown upside down in the prostate department? I’ve seen quite a few boys with prostate issues over time and just wondering if there is anything extra that could be offered to them so they can get more out of the actual physical stimulation side of things. I know some guys can still orgasm even if they have prostate issues, they just don’t cum – I’m looking for something to make that journey more interesting for them I suppose because they miss out on the physical penetration.




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Dear Lucy,

I had part of my prostate removed so now I produce little or no semen.

However I still enjoy prostate massage and I have no problem getting and retaining an erection. I think that part of the enjoyment of prostate massage for me is the trust involved in letting my (female) massage therapist actually play in that area. I have found that I love to be sensually teased around the anus and perineum. Plenty of oil and sensual fingers playing with the thousands of nerve ends can lead to orgasm for me.

This is a bit off subject but the combination of sensual massage and a caring, understanding and kinky massage therapist produces multiple orgasms with an natural erection that can last over 30 minutes. I am straight, 66 years of age and making up for lost time! I also enjoy sensual submission, bondage, spanking etc so I do need to make it up from Melbourne to see you!

I hope your move back to Sydney goes smoothly and without much stress.

Regards, Ian

Comment by Ian

Hi Ian!

Thanks so much for your reply! It really helps me to understand what people enjoy in all sorts of situations.

As I said in the blog, I have met quite a few gents with prostate issues. When I talk to them most of them say they see ladies and tell them of their “issue” and then the lady just gives them a back massage and doesn’t bother trying to do anything with their naughty bits. That makes me cranky pants for some reason – I get this physical grrr response actually.

I always feel the need to have 100 options for everyone, so I’d like to make sure people who have had a drama with their prostate don’t ever miss out and as you have, find new and interesting things to do.

I had a play with my sound set and a play with someone who had a prostate issue recently and it was really cool, super fun and super interesting.

I just love options in sex. Sex never ever has to be boring. I love that when you meet someone there is literally a thousand things you can do with them and every single time and it can be new and challenging. It doesn’t have to be complicated, I suppose the freedom of sex is the thing that most excites me.

Anyhoo again thank you so much Ian for your open and insightful response. Hardly anyone takes the time to respond which peeeves me off about blogging, so when you did about something so personal, it made my smile all big and stuff 🙂


ps. ooow ooow come to Sydney or I may be coming to Melbourne if I can’t find anywhere to live. I can’t decide which dungeon to go and dwell in though – I’m errring on the side of Fetish House because I like Tara’s philosophy on training and education. Do you have an opinion on which one is the bestest? I don’t want to go to one where I have to be a mean cow. I don’t do Bitch Mistress very well at all. I do strict, sensual, fun, teasy, horny kind of ness. Hmmm sensual submission as you say… sounds perfect!

Comment by Lucy Blake

The short answer Lucy is no! A friend of mine passed away due to prostate cancer a few years ago. He had his prostate removed which really if it is not working at all must have the same effect! The only solution to obtaining an erection was a complicated one involving plunging a needle into his penis in some special way that his specialist advised. Would not go there if I were you!

Comment by Lemm

Thanks Lemmi 🙂

It’s not easy to talk about things that make you sad, so thank you for giving me something personal to you.


ps. I’m totally addicted to cheese now. Still not fussed by alcohol though! I think I’m broken – I’ll never be into drinking 😦

Comment by Lucy Blake

Lucy, no personal experience as you may have guessed. Quite a bit written about electrical stimulation of animals to produce ejaculation for sperm collection. (even rhino, which must take a very brave man indeed). I shall keep looking for you.

Comment by Peter.88188

Peter… we shall talk – I have started writing down my questions. Yes please to the book on prostates as well (is it written in normal people talk or will I need to be smart or have a medical degree? I suppose I could try being smart for a while if needs be).

I’m still not sure about electrical stimulation for people with stints or for people over the age of 70.

Do you know much about penis pumps? I have questions about them as well – re: vein and artery damage mainly. I don’t own one myself, however I have seen some rather serious looking damage to veins on people who use them. People who have issues with prostate and haven’t had a hard on for years, cock rings don’t work, tend to use them to keep their penises stretched because they may find them shrinking. I always find if you tie them up properly, getting an erection is never an issue though. Also thinking that a leather or metal stretching device may be a better idea if you just want to stretch your bits rather than bursting the veins in your penis – you know like the Giraffe People do by putting metal rings around their necks.

Bet you’re glad you met me! hahahaaa NOT!

Comment by Lucy Blake

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