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This is where I live…. for the minute


Brisbane to look at is lovely 🙂 So I thought I should show you my favorite places….

This is my favorite park because it has wild ferocious chickens running around it! No-one ever believe me but it doooooes! They live in all the bushes and do a mad bolt from one side of the park to the other to the bushes. Their heads do these weird bobble dolly thing when they’re powering across.

Favorite Park 2

Chicken Bushes 1

Favorite Park

Chicken Bush

This is my favorite church – it has these little cute 70+ year old men in there who volunteer and show people around and stuff. They’re really sweet and I love any place that works with volunteers. In this church you can light REAL candles, not like most church’s these days where you pay your $1 and press a little button that lights up a flickering light. ALSO for an extra $5, you can write a little wish on a piece of paper and someone or some people somewhere pray for you!!! Bargain!! $5 for a bit of hope ain’t bad – I think technically religious people call it faith, but a small price to pay… the hope lasts for about an entire 3 weeks until you give up on it and then you can go back and buy some more!!


Favorite Church

BUT WAIT!….. at the back of this Church, they have a vampire Dracula home for retired vampires! Look check it out… don’t say it doesn’t look like a retirement vestibule for vampires!


Retirement Home for Vampires

One of the main things I like about Brisbane is there is all these interesting smiley things to look at everywhere. You just walk around Brisbane smiling all the time if you let yourself 🙂


Giant pencils at the entrance to an office block car park - how BRILLIANT are they?!

and shiiiiiiiiiiiiny things …


Giant hands... very useful if you find yourself lost on your way to work - one hand to show you which way to drag yourself to the front door and once your there, a helpful hand to show you how to get to your office! Bet no-one is ever late to work here!

and they paint the electricity boxes in Brisbane… at least I think they have electricity in them. Maybe phone stuff, but who cares?! They’re pweeeeeeetty.


pwetttty boxes

and then there’s MORE SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINY….. granted he’s a bit creepy, but he is shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny so kudos there 🙂


Shiiiiiny sculpture

BUT my favorite of favorite’s of completely wonderfulness in Brisbane are the GIANT KOALA’s. If I ever feel completely crappy, I always go and check out the giant koala’s. I can stand there with my mouth opening pondering their wonderfulness for aaaaages!


Giant Koala Brisbane - this here is Queensland country!

I also loooove China Town – I always love China Town although I always think they should be bigger they are. Even in Singapore where you’d think there’d be loads of Chinese people, it’s pretty little.


He's actually slippery to touch him like a REAL fish! He's shiiiiiiny too

Anytime I’m feeling unlucky and I haven’t got $5 to buy some hope at the Church, I go to China Town and walk under the big red lucky roof.


The Lucky Roof

and anytime I have to make a difficult phone call or feel sad, I go to China Town and put my fingers in the water and call a friend. It makes me feel happier 🙂

Chinese Water

Place to call home

and I find it interesting walking around looking at the people in Brisbane. They’re all very different to Sydney people … like when they are standing in their military straight line waiting for their buses, none of them look constipated or agitated or like they’re on they’re way to their second job they have to work that day. The lines are way longer in Brisbane for buses as well…..


People Line - they all look neutral when they stand in lines like they're watching TV or something

Hmmm what else……. Ooow ooow and all the happy hookers of the land will be happy to know MERITON is coming to Brisbane!! The Church of the Hooker is open for pre-business business! Here it is…… the model of things to come.


There it is... the future of the sex industry in Brisbane!! Exciting huh?!

oh and they’re getting bike rental racks in Brisbane which I think is VERY cool even though the taxi drivers think it’s a sucky idea. I had a wee perve at them and they look like even I could use them – easier to work than the Brisbane train ticket machines that’s for sure!


Now everyone can be a bikie! Hmm wonder what they should call them? Hells Bells! Hells Angels eat your heart out!

This is my favorite Vietnames restaurant…. I LOVE Vietnamese food! All the other Vietnamese restaurants I’ve been to here all taste like Chinese. I don’t know why, it’s something that Brisbane does. In NSW Vietnamese always tastes like Vietnames. Maybe all the Vietnamese people who have been lost flying over the Bermuda Triangle landed in Brisbane!!



This is my favorite Chinese shop – this is where I go to buy dried mangos. I can walk around in here for aaaaaages just smelling stuff and squishing stuff in their packets. Chinese food is the most interesting to squish in it’s packets. It’s all different textures and squishiness. Very good value way to spend your time!


Yumm dried mango shop - actually I'm cured of dried mangos now 😦 so I'll haver to find something else to dwell on

I use to go to House Of Fetish in Sydney anytime I felt like crap or felt lonely to hang out with Jo and play dress ups. There’s nothing like latex and corsettry to turn a frown upside down. Now I’m in Brisbane there is nothing like that so I go to The Den and drink tea with the boys and shop for toys. I’ve never collected so many toys in my life in the 8 months since I came to Brisbane. It’s made me a more technically stimulating experience shall we say?! I think everyone thinks I’ve gone all BDSM since I’ve come here, but not really (well more kinky maybe), it’s just this is the bestest place to go when you’re not feeling happy and the only place you can go to buy hooker stuff to make sure you always have something new for lovely regulars.

The Den Brisbane

The Den Brisbane

Voodoo Doll is my next favorite hooker shop…. it has lots of corsets but they’re a bit blaaargh when it comes to quality. What I LOVE about this shop is the shoooooooes. They’re less than a quarter of the price you’d get them online or in any other shop… I have LOADS of shoes now for any foot / shoe fetish lovers. It’s run by goths and goths never seem to be terribly happy or friendly so not somewhere to go if you need happy therapy like House Of Fetish supplies.

Favorite Fetish Shop

Favorite Fetish Shop

Anyhooo that’s where I am at the moment – I’m soon to be leaving but not sure where to. I’m a bit of a losty in the future, but where ever I may dwell to, I hope it’s as interesting to look at as Brisbane!

Hope you’re happy where ever you may be dwelling,




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I miss Brisbane, my home of a decade… the pics helped bring some of those faded memories flooding back *sigh* Thank U 4 taking me back there, Miss L.

Comment by Roxanne Wilde

For the record: I do miss Chester! And possibly you ..just a little bit.

Comment by Lemm

HA! Helmet indeed Mr Smarty Pants! I said I COULD use the bike thingy, not I WOULD use the bike thingy. Like wasabi… I could use it, not that I would use it. Seeee difference… huh huh? huh?!

PMSL I’m sure you could show me places to stick my fingers – I’m blushing even. Not really but it makes me sound cute huh huh?!

Have a gorgeous day L 🙂

Comment by Lucy Blake

Hello Lucy,
Remember to carry a helmet with you if you go biking… hehehe 😉
Spank me later!!

PS: if you come to Melbourne and need a guide… 😉 I can show you all the places where you can put your fingers and feel better… 😀 xx

Comment by Laurent

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