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Nooooo I haven’t grown an extra set of balls or a peeeeenis….. heheheeee ooow I’m so fuunnnny I kill me! hehehee

No it’s not me killing me, it’s my stupid website again. I do something on a website and then 2 seconds later, I forget how to do it again. Trouble is I’m writing sites in 5 different types of software (is that what it’s called?). Has anyone ever used stuff? Is it just like using Gotta build one in that stuff next. Anyway, so instead of it taking me 10 minutes to set up a new gallery, I’ve been at it for the last 8 hours…. but not just any gallery… a members ONLY gallery!! Pretty fancy huh?!

See I have this section on my website saying “log in” and when I got rid of it, I couldn’t get rid of the CSS for it so it left this big ugly black side hole down the left hand side of my site. It looked very stupid just sitting there and people had been joining and logging in, so I figured I should stop being a slack bugger and actually stick something in there. So I stuck a gallery 🙂 It’s the Little Red Dress Gallery – original huh!?! hehe

sneak lustful pic….

Lucy Blake Sydney Escort Red Dress 4

Lucy Blake causes the world to salivate...

I have a real problem taking pics of myself. I’m about the least photogenic person I know and it’s dismal. Chantal (a former disappeared off the face of the planet hooker) and I use to take pics all the time. She was one of those lovely exotic woman with curvy bits in the right spots and as soon as you pulled out a camera, she’d put on a face and pose usually only a 4 year old can – you know that “ooow pictures of meeeee fuuuuuuun”!?  At 5 when school hits, kids start realising what it is to be judged and lose that “oooow fuuuuun” thing.

The problem is all of my furniture is locked up in Sydney, so I have about 4 pieces of furniture including my bed, fridge, washing machine and lounge. That means I have no where to balance a camera to take pics so I have to hold it in my hand. I got in the bath tub because there is a ledge around the edge of it I could sit the camera on, but pics of me dressed in a bath tub looked to whacky even for me to pull off. Soooo yerrrrs I have to work out a way to take pictures otherwise they will all be of me squished up in a little ball trying to squish all of my vast bits into a little frame.

Anyhoooo mission accomplished and I’ll try and take some more squish pics tomorrow – hmmm might start taking one or a set for my gallery and/or calendar each day…. don’t turn blue waiting but hehehe.

So I have started the members bit but haven’t finished it by a loooooong shot so don’t kill me if you join and it’s still sucky la la in there. Grrr can’t work out how to put the name of the gallery next to the gallery like I did in the main gallery. Ooow and the other thingy has changed to  – wonder how I did that.

Not sure what else I’ll plonk in there, but I’m a plonker so I’ll work something out.

Hmm wonder if I should make people pay to become members? What should I charge? hmmmm I have a thing for dried mango’s at the moment… but only one’s from Cebu. OOw ooow or I could charge a book when you come to visit… I like books too. Hmmm then again, joining a site takes 45 seconds of your life you’ll never get back, so I suppose that’ll have to be payment enough.

Anyhoo have a lovely day at work – I’m going to sit here twiddling my thumbs wondering what they’re sticking in the water supply up here to make QLD men think it’s ok to call and say to me “so you won’t have sex without a condom then?”. Dick




ps. I’m looking at Uni courses and I’m thinking about joining the dark side and doing Social Work… has anyone ever met a nice social worker who leaves people the hell alone? Me neither.. aaargh what am I going to be when I finally get my act together to grow up?!  I spoke to a Job Coach who told said the fastest way for me to get a Degree is to do Social Work.. I hate them – I’ve never met a social worker that didn’t make my skin crawl – I would go as far to say I have an “issue” with them (I’d say sorry to any social workers reading this I have just offended, but I don’t like you so I wont teehehehee). God I’m going to be making $12 an hour for the rest of my life… still more than being a hooker in Brisbane pays I guess.


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Zdravo Milosevic 😉

It totally sucks having no furniture, doesn’t it? 6 months after moving in, my house still looks derelict. If we were ever robbed, I suspect any potential thief would instead leave a gold coin donation & a sympathy card.

As for pics, I have the unusual problem of never looking like the same person twice. Whilst I’ve yet to be accused of using fake pics, I fully expect that accusation to be lobbed my way eventually. What can I say? My face is like a mood ring!

Well Miss Luke, I’m headed to Sydney this weekend for yet another pseudo Contiki working tour. Should you & the lovely Miss George be in the vicinity, it would be a great to catch up. 😀

Comment by roxanne wilde

Hello Ms Lucy,

Email sent! 😉

Comment by Laurent

Hi Lucy,
I offer to take your photos.Only problem is my small hands may not stop shaking while holding the piece of equipment.

Kind Regards
PS The piece of equipment meaning Camera

Comment by Colin

Hahahaa Colin you’re always a complete gentlemen. I didn’t think for a second you meant your peeeeeenis, even if you really did mean your peeeeeenis just secretly hahahaaa.

Have a beautiful day Colin,


Comment by Lucy Blake

Hellooo Lucy,
I just joined! Yay! and if it needed confirmation, you are gorgeous in a red little dress or not!! 😉
You do not know me yet but I hope to change this at the end of September… so please please, dont move from Brissy before then lol or then come to Melbourne!! Until then, good luck with your new studies (why not try something different and leave the social for others??? Science? I can tutor!! lol).
Anyway, hope to see you soon xx
PS: I am using a different address coz… what if someone hacks your site… but you have my normal address in your emails 😉

Comment by Laurent

Ooow ooow you sent me an email! Send it again! I’ve just turned off quarantine on my site – I put a new antivirus thingy on that was deleting emails in some skull and cross bones chest.

I spoke to my real estate agent today when she came for inspection and she is putting my unit up for rental so I’m going to be out of here before the end of September I think 😦 ssshhhh but not sure yet.

Pop me your email again L.

I can get an SSL cert put on my site so it’s secure for personal info so no-one will hack in to people’s personal details. I’ve been debating whether or not to do it because it costs a fair bit, but if it makes people feel betterer, I can do it.

I’d never use anything but my hooker email address or a hotmail address anywhere for fun stuff though. It’s like having a separate prepaid phone for having fun.

Thanks for your lovely comment on looking gorgeous in my red dress and thanks for commenting on my blog. WELCOME and it’s brilliant you found me here. I feel lonely in hooker land lot’s of the time, so it’s lovely when people talk to me here – I really appreciate it 🙂


Comment by Lucy Blake

Hi Lucy,

I have met a couple of very good social workers over the years, and I am sure you would be a good one.

If I offer to take pictures too can I have a gallery named after me? (only if they were very good though)

Comment by peter.88188

I’ve only ever seen grizzly pictures from you Mr Peter…. I’d be scared of the types of pics/video you take! lol

However…sure, if they’re good, you can have an entire gallery named after you 🙂 Hmm we’ll have to come up with a suitable name to name the gallery though… leave it with me and I’ll think of something suitably silly.

WOW how cool would that be? An entire gallery on my website just for you – I’ve been thinking that would be a good giggle for my favoritest of people on my website members section actually. Sssh don’t say it out loud but or someone else will do it!



Comment by Lucy Blake

Hey Ms Lucy it actually works. You need someone to help with taking photo’s? I’m your man. I have camera equipment you can borrow with remote and stand. Or you could borrow me as well to help. Oh that would be naughty. Andrewbs xoxox

Comment by Andrewbs

Ooow ooow I’m always up for a porn challenge as long as I can leave my clothes on because I’m fat – helpful yes? 🙂

How are you Andrewbs?! I hope you’re cruising along nicely and being totally corrupted by a harem of beauties (well not really but it sounds like a pretty cool thing to happen and I only want the best for you because you’re lovely).

Photo taking would be good – very good! I could even name an entire gallery after you on my site…. the ‘Andrewbs Adventure’, or ‘Postcards from the Edge’ we could call it! If you take them, I shall make it! yup yup 🙂

Nice to hear from you and a huge kiss Andrewbs,


Comment by Lucy Blake

oi and what do you meeeeean it actually works?! Of course it works! You doubting bugger lol. I’m very clever you know?!

Of course as with all things when it comes to me, it may work but not entirely smoothly or properly or exactly as planned, but it kinda sorta works and stuff!


Comment by Lucy Blake

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