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Lucy’s new prizes!

Hello! yup yup it’s me, it’s meeeeee 🙂

Have been off my blog for a while consumed with annoying stuff, but back again (well today anyway). So to catch you all up, I thought I’d show you my new prizes!!! There’s 3 lots.

My first prize is my new gloves 🙂 I looove them. I have been adopted by the boys at The Den which is a toy shop downstairs and a sex on venue premises upstairs for boys. The boys in there have adopted me as their mascot because they think I’m trippy, so when I go in now they make me a cup of tea and we have lots of giggles. Sex shops are either run by gay boys who think you have no business being in a shop which men inhabit (kind of the same attitude as FIA – for punters by punters and all the crap and attitude that goes along with it) or by straight boys who are using way to much meth in my experience. This is the first sex shop I’ve been into that think having a girl in there is not only super cool but also cute!

They’re super helpful and even have a boy in there who if you want to try out their electro machines, all you need to do is smile sweetly and ask him if you can attach electro pads to his nipples and zap him and he says ‘sure’ and then you can zap him and he’ll tell you how much it hurts!! Now that’s customer service 🙂

So I was going on about things to stick up people’s buttoms and I was asking about medical enema kits which they didn’t have, but one of the boys has a new Turkish boyfriend who’s a Vet and they said since they didn’t have the enema kits, they could get me some really long gloves for anything that may pop out that I couldn’t clean out. So I waited 2 weeks and BINGO! my new gloves arrived…

Lucy Blake Veterinary gloves

Lucy Blake's new gloves in the red box

See how they come in a red box?! I LOVE they came in a red box – I’m not overly fussed on the gloves, but I love the red box. Yup I’m a 2 year old who likes the wrapping more than the contents of a prize. Now all I need to do is find someone I can con into letting me use the gloves on them heheheeee.

So that was my first prize from the gay boys… my second prize came from an AWESOME LOVELY LOVELY person who read my Angel Food Cake blog and took the time to google Angel Food Cake, found a map, found a bakery in Brisbane (they are very rare in QLD for some reason – also fish shops.. there’s no fish shops in Brisbane!) and went and got me Angel Food Cake! I was completely blown away. It is so rare people ever give anyone gifts. Something so many people would consider simple, but it made my entire visit to Brisbane. Someone actually thought about what I’d like and then took the time to go and get it for me – isn’t that just divine?!  Generosity is something most people have in them, but to actually come across someone who believes in living it… I just felt very special 🙂

Lucy's angel food cake


and because I don’t know anyone here, I got to gobble it all by myself!! No being generous for me heheheee.

AND THEN my next prize came!!! This prize came from Miss Georgia. Miss Georgia calls me everyday and we talk because she knows I’m missing being in Sydney and I miss Chester (my woofa) and my mum is sick and I miss my friends and I miss cake shops blah blah blah. I feel all stuck 😦 Not that Brisbane isn’t lovely and the people here are absolutely WOnDERFUL, but I still miss stuff. So Miss Georgia and her wonderful family (who haven’t even met me) went shopping and they all bought me gifts!!


This was my gift pack – they wrapped everything up and put ribbons and bows on everything so when I opened the package, it had a whole heap of little wrapped prizes! Ooow also Lisa Isabella who is a LOVELY woman, gave me a PVC skirt and lingerie which was also put in there. I called Miss Georgia so we could unwrap it together and this is what was inside….


There were Oreo cookies because I’ve never tried that sort; Freckles because I love fairy bread and that’s as close as you can get to fairy bread without having fairy bread; Twinings Tea because I had to buy her coffee when she came to visit and it cost me $11!!!! and I sook about it all the time; A HOT WATER BOTTLE COVER WITH A SMILEY FACE!; a doggie toothpaste holder which I LOVE; a cupcake purse for me to put my fortune in; lipgloss in a cupcake holder; it was just the BEST prizes EVER EVER EVER!!

Like I said before, I’ve never met Georgia’s family (except one of her little people and she’s gooorgeous), but we talk about them all the time so I feel like I’ve known them forever. I don’t really have family so it’s really lovely I can know and enjoy Georgia’s with her. But it was her family who wanted to buy me the prizes!! how cool is that?! she grows wonderful families 🙂

Anyhooo, I have been blessed with the most wonderful people since I’ve been in Brisbane so I feel VERY VERY lucky right now.

Ok 4am and I have to be up in 4 flippin hours 😦 bugger bugger. I have more news, but I have to go to bed – sleeping is such a waste of time – I hate sleeping. It’s this totally time consuming, monotonous waste of life blaargh.

Stay happy and safe people’s and remember to be generous whenever you can because you never know when it will turn someone’s frown upside down and totally change their life!

Love you long time Miss Georgia and if you speak to Miss Isabella, can you tell her I adore my PVC skirt and thank you sooooo much 🙂





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I don’t know what everybody else thinks, but those photos of the Angel Food cake are incredibly erotic! They really turned me on. I’m afraid what that says about me, but I can’t help myself sometimes.

Comment by Morgan

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