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Sex Workers need YOUR Assistance!

Hi everyone,

Below is an email sent out by Scarlet Alliance which is the peak body for Australian Sex Worker Organisations (well most of them – except SWOP of course who refuses to be a member because they aren’t into the whole “peer” based concept and don’t think it’s important to be a member of sex workers peak body).

Please have a read and if you can spare 90 seconds, lend your support to sex workers in your State. It’s important for sex workers to fill out a letter, but equally important for punters. If sex workers are outlawed and further discriminated against, it means no food, no rent and unsafe work conditions for sex workers and no sex for clients.

Sure the industry will never disappear, but isn’t it nicer that you can go and see a worker in a safe environment rather than having to don your commando camouflage for fear of being arrested? We cannot afford for to lose more rights than we already have – both sex workers and clients alike.

If we don’t take action and keep lobbying and pressuring Ministers and their adviser’s, keep in mind how they have recently bastardised the Western Australian Laws in relation to sex work. Think about how in Melbourne you can’t easily access private workers because they can only do outcalls. Think about all the gorgeous Asian and other non-English speaking workers you know and love, who don’t have access to information and support in a language they understand.

By sending one of these letters in, you’re asking a Minister to keep sex worker organisations funded who should be helping to lobby and educate these Ministers. Your helping them to learn that sex workers should enjoy the same industrial rights (and other rights) as people in any other occupation.

Thanks everyone and if you fill in a form and tell me, I’ll give you an extra big pat and smile when I catch up with you next 🙂 oh and I’ll refund the price of your stamp (and if anyone actually asks me for the 50 cents, I’ll hit you with my flogger heheheee)



ps. it asks for your name and address on the form – politicians lie all the time or avoid answering the question. If it’s alright for them, I don’t see why it’s not alright for you to do the same 😉

Hi all,

Please consider supporting sex worker rights this election! As a voter you can tell your local MP that sex worker rights are an election issue!

You can download a form letter by linking below, sign it, and send off a letter to your local MP:

– Anthony Albanese:

– Tanya Plibisek:

– or fill in your local MP onto a blank letter:

EVERY LETTER COUNTS!!   Please forward this email on to interested supporters!

Thank you for your support!

Elena Jeffreys

Elena Jeffreys


Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association 0420 315 542

skype: elena.jeffreys


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Veterinary gloves… I hadn’t thought of that. Here I am spending *way* too much money at Marquis!

Are they red like the box?

Comment by Madame X

Thank you for all your support Lucy! And big congrats to everyone who has sent a letter!

Comment by Elena Jeffreys

I sent my letter in, and even put my real name and address, after all it’s not a crime to know someone in the sex industry and to care enough to write, it doesn’t say I am a mad rooter (I hope).

Oh, I think stamps are up to 60c now

Comment by mark

Awwww Sweetheart! You’re the BEST!!



Comment by Lucy Blake

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