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Lucy and Georgia go to Hellfire!

Helloooo everyone,

Well Miss Georgia is in Brisbane with me and last night we went to Hellfire! I have a terminal case of never go out because I don’t drink, use drugs and find people in bars and clubs excessively hard work, but Miss Georgia always drags you out to live a bit of life.

I looked it up on the internet and was unimpressed with the pics and having been to the Hellfire in Sydney I was REALLY unimpressed. BUT any chance Miss Georgia has to get all dressed up she’ll jump at and live it (yup she is worse than me in needing to get all corseted up and shoooooooes, she loves the shoooooooes).

Lucy Blake and Georgia French at Hellfire Brisbane

Lucy and Georgia bosom buddies 🙂

So we get there and people were really weird – as in SUPER lovely! It was really strange because the music wasn’t loud – as in you didn’t even need to talk above the normal level to hear someone, you could see your hand in front of your face and people were LOVELY and friendly.

We were there for about 10 minutes and this critter walks up behind me and says “are you a Mistress” and I said “why what do you want?” He said “I want someone to whip me”, I said “I don’t whip but I’ll be happy to flog you”. Then he said okeeedokeeee and I told him to go away for a while and I’d fetch him when I was ready. SO he walked away and I asked Georgia if it was appropriate I flog someone and she said it was a good idea, so I smiled and smiled and smiled and smiled 🙂 like that 🙂

I haven’t blogged about my straight job much at all, but put it this way…. I believe no matter what your straight job is everyone needs to hit someone to get it out, feel better and have some therapy. I am off contract in 4 days time and when you come to the end of a straight job, you absolutely need to hit someone. As a welfare worker I ALWAYS FEEL THE NEED TO BE HITTING PEOPLE, but I have to be nice so I can’t 😦 (frustration in my industry is a constant blaaaargh).

I didn’t have any equipment to be flogging him so I told this little puppy dog like person who was also asking me to hit him to go fetch some stuff and this super cool dude lent me a few floggers and some rope but he only had 10 metres of rope which is waaaaay long. He said I could cut it if I bought him a drink! This rope was proper shibari rope fancy pants expensive rope and he said I could cut it!!! How cool is that?!  Soooo I tied this critter up in a full body harness to practice my rope tieing and didn’t cut the rope and then I tied his hands in front of him and told him to go away for a while. The Miss Georgia and I went and had a drink and came back and Mr Super Cool Rope Man came over and said he liked my knots (insert Lucy smiley face) and said I could flog him on the stage on the cross. I asked Georgia if it was appropriate to flog someone on stage if you’ve never been to a club before and she said it was ok so I smiled and smiled and smiled some more (not only do a get to flog someone, but I get to do it on stage – how cool are these people letting you walk in, letting you borrow their equipment, cut their ropes AND give you the room to do it?!)

I was to little to tie him to the cross so Mr Super Cool Rope Man tied him up for me – and OMG he is a Shibari Master!!! The beautiful and yet effective things he can do with rope is AWESOME! I love rope – it’s like a jigsaw work of art thing. I also like restriction and strict things so it was very cool).

So anyway he got tied up and I GOT TO FLOG HIM with all of these different floggers, but I sucked at it because I was to short (boys should be bent over to be flogged if you ask me) and I’m unpracticed so not as good as I use to be. I’m also incredibly out of shape and flogging is HARDCORE exercise so I was all poopsified in 20 minutes. I also had my full body latex bat girl dress on so I had sweat running down all over my body making my panties all soggy – yuck. I also couldn’t hit the critter on the cross hard enough 😦 and he kept on wiggling his bottom laughing at me so I was very sad. So then Mr Super Cool Rope Man had a go and then he had all these weird, scary floggers he let me use and taught me how to use and he flogged him. He couldn’t get the critter to sook either so then he got the other Master in the place there and they both went at him with these demonic full hard heavy gauge long flogger and he still wanted more. Then the Master got this nasty heavy leather cat of nine tails and flogged him with that. He was only allowed to have 10 of them and then had to be let down. Some people could be hit forever and not get enough so you need to know when to step in and say enough is enough, this is no longer safe.

When we let him down he had the loveliest bruises and welts on his body.

The noise these floggers made when they two Masters were flogging him together was AWESOME!

One thing I noticed though was when I got poopsified and offered the flogging to the audience (everyone in the place was watching), no-one jumped up for a go. I don’t understand that. How could you have a perfectly good critter tied to the cross and not want to go “ooooh yerr I’ll have a go! ROCK ON!”? I mean I know it’s a little scarey if you have loads of people watching and you’ve never done it before, but why wouldn’t you go “super cool, I’ve never done that before, best I rack up another experience before I die”?

Then I lost my mobile phone (I had it in my boot and it fell out) and Georgia and I spent an hour looking for it and calling it. It got to the end of the night and they turned the music off and everyone shushed up for us and we rang it and everyone looked for it and it was there. As in NO-ONE STOLE IT! How super lovely is that?!?!

Sooo all in all a super cool night! Everyone was friendly, I got all of my frustration out and now Miss Georgia and I are going to meet Mr Super Cool Rope Man (that should be Master Super Cool Rope Man) and he is going to teach me Shibari, flogging, fire play, piercing and cutting!!!. That is unheard of in Sydney! To try and get someone to share their skills and teach you is not a very regularly done thing in Sydney. He also has a dungeon I can go and have a look at…. yeaaaay 🙂

So have to run because Georgia and I have to go for a cup of tea and a dungeon tour! YEAAAY!

Anyhooo that was night one, Georgia has been in Brisbane for 2 hours adventure. I can’t wait to see what tonight brings 🙂




ps. flogging someone is like boys feel the day after seeing a lovely lady – it’s kind of like that “I’m walking on suuuuunshiiiiiine woooo oooh, I’m waaalking on suuuuunshiiiiiiine wooo ooooooh and don’t it feel good! Alllll right now”… aaaah therapy 🙂


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Comment by sammie Love

i love your writing, lucy. it’s flowing, lucid & clever to a T. i know i will sound like a total fangirl when i say, “great stuff!”… but what the hell.

keep up the great work!;)

Comment by roxanne wilde

Hi Lucy,
Is your email server working? I have sen 2 emails in past week with no response. Enjoyed reading your blog.

Comment by Andrew

glad you are sounding happy again

Comment by Peter.88188

Hi Lucy,
Another great blog!If ever you need someone to try out your new whipping skills etc.I will be there willing and able.
Kind Regards

Comment by Colin

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