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Website up!
June 16, 2010, 1:26 pm
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Well my domain has finally been transferred and now I have to start rebuilding my site from scratch. I’ve worked out how to skin it noooo problem, but do you think I can work out how to make a page!?!

Does anyone know how to make a page using Joomla? I’ve gone thru all the tutorials step by step complete with screen shots and videos and the page gets made but when you hit on the menu item, it goes to “page under construction”. It’s hurting my head 😦

The templates are all gross and I don’t know enough about CSS to take out the bits I don’t like and replace it with the bits I do like. I can find the offending bits in the CSS I want to change, but I can’t work out what to stick in it’s place. Like I want to take a picture out of a header and insert my own, but the CSS has a link to a picture file and I don’t know how to make my own link to a picture file because it’s not written as a normal picture link like http://www.blahblahah.png like you’d have for an image or a banner on a website.

I want to use one of these skins but I don’t think I can market Intergalactical Princess because I’m not sure if people have the ridiculous sense of humour like I do to get it:

or I could be a superhero!

I went and met a bunch of ladies on Friday from Queensland (10+) and they are all STUNNING! Not only are they physically gorgeous with not a hair out of place, but they are smart and funny and warm people. I feel more like an out of place alien than before. I have never had and will never have their charm or grace or be the fun in life. I’m definately not of this planet. I wish I could be them because dead set they are just the bees knees. If i ever read a bad review of a QLD girl, I’m going to go pffft. LIES ALL LIES because I simply can’t see how they are anything but amazing people – no cynicism or all that weird stuff I feed off and being serious all the time. They are AMAZING and I felt like such a fraud being in their precense. Like I’m less than them in the most important living life ways. They all kissed and hugged me hello and made me feel so welcome – I’ve NEVER seen anything like it before. Just really nice, wonderful people.


I also don’t know how to insert the module boxes in particular places on the site – eeew confusing.

In other news, my wiki has bugged out BIG TIME and is now demanding people log in before they can access the site 😦 So after I build the website, I have to migrate the wiki, re-write it and pay for an upgrade.

In good news… my email is now working again! YEAAAAy so you can once again get me at . Took me forever to work out what went wrong with that when I ported it!

Sooo anyhooooo, please bare with me. I think in another 24 hours I should have worked it all out (my website anyway). Either that or I’ll dump Joomla and go with Droople (Is that how you spell it?). Miss Nikki tells me Droople is way better and easier and prettier than Joomla and I trust her like no-one else on the planet (besides my mum of course because she’s lovely 🙂 )

Anyhooo back to breaking stuff!


ps. I just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou to the lovely people who leave comments on my blog. I read them all and I always like to reply when I’m in a lovely headspace which can mean I leave it, the next drama happens or thing breaks so it gets hard to come back to it. I do read every single one though and when it pops up in my email box, I LOVE going and reading it and having a smiley break in my day. Comments are like being on a forum but not gross! Like a forum of 5 years ago when people were smart and witty and put thought into what they were saying. Your comments mean the world to me and really do make a difference to my day 🙂


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Hi Lucy

Hearing your tale of meeting up with a large group of Brissies finest has got me to thinkin’…

Just what Exactly is the collective noun for a bunch of working ladies.

For example, we refer to A Parliment of owls, a murder of Crows and a wheeze of Asthmatics.

The best that I can come up with is”
A Sachet of Streetwalkers.
an endorphine of Escorts.
An Austerity of Mistresses.

I would really love to hear your thoughts on the subject.



Comment by PJ

If I have to have a stalker, I’m glad it is you Lucy, but I do miss the other picture on your site

Comment by Peter.88188

Hi Lucy

The flash scrolling across your header image is actually part of the Flash file itself (the swf file) and not driven by CSS. So any change to the CSS for that particular DIV area won’t affect your header. Best to replace it with a slow rotation series of images and eliminate all the Flash (so to speak!) from the site – Flash may do some pretty things but from a end user perspective it is just plain annoying!

There are some simple add in modules to Joomla which can do nice things like that. I’ve used Joomla a fair bit for my web development (that’s my bread and butter) so if you need a few tips, let me know. It can be daunting using it the first time, and there are plenty of templates out there you can get for free/pay for, but have a think about what YOU would like your site to look like and maybe you should get it custom designed.

Food for thought!

Comment by Jon

Tanks Jon 🙂

I thought about getting someone else to make the template for me but then I wouldn’t know how to do it myself. I’m all paranoid about not knowing how to do things, that I have to do everything – dumb I know.

When I have more time, I’ll find templates I REALLY and truely like and learn php on them and it will all be perfect.

Thanks for your help – I would have sat there forever ripping the site apart, destroying it and reloading it to try and take out the flash! I agree, flash is sucky la la.


Comment by Lucy Blake

If you want parts of the CSS not to appear just enter the following into the CSS part of that particular DIV section

display: hidden;

and that’ll hide it away.

Or you can delete that particular DIV section in the index.php file of your Joomla template. There are a couple of options there.

Usually once you create an Article in Joomla, create a Menu item that directs to that Article, it should work. Just make sure in the article Manager that for that specific Article, there is a green tick in the Published column. If there is a red cross the article won’t appear.

Hope this helps.


Comment by Jon

Hellooo Mr Jon!

Thanks for your tip 🙂 I’m just wondering if that tip works with hiding the CSS effect? I have flash scrolling across the front of the main header (I think it’s called) image and I want to hide it. In the backend in the CSS and html it has flash written in about 6 different places and I want to hide it all. Do you think it will work if I put that bit in you suggested?

Again, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for putting the tip up. I know it’s a royal pain in the arse trying to explain how to do IT things to dopes like me who don’t speak the language, so I REALLY appreciate it 🙂


Comment by Lucy Blake

Hi Lucy

The website looks good. You are a marvel to digest all the geeky stuff and make a work of art so quickly. Well done you!

Comment by Paul

Aaaaw thanks Paul 🙂

I’ve been using a dotnetnuke cms and now having to switch to Joomla is VERY different. I don’t find it user friendly at all – with Dotnetnuke I was able to just go in and get it pretty much straight away. This is taking me forever to get the hang of it 😦 should have just paid someone to do it, but I’ve paid people for websites before and you have no idea how they may be screwing you and I think it’s important to be in control of all aspects of your life including your website.

Blimey then if you want to make changes to it, some website managers can take WEEEEEEEKS to get around to it.

Nope self sufficient, self empowered and self taught is always the way to go 🙂

Thanks for your reply Paul – makes me smiley to know someone knows how much time it takes and thinks your smart because you can do it 🙂


Comment by Lucy Blake

Hi Lucy,
I agreed with the other guy. WordPress is the better solution for you. You can get some good template easily installed from the interface.

Comment by Kelvin from SG

Hi Kelvin,

Thanks for your suggestion. I have to rebuild my wiki because they are now forcing people to log in to view it to try and make me upgrade to the new wiki software which is very expensive. I was happy to pay the ridiculous money they were asking for and upgrade, but when I inquired about the upgrade (I asked them about it because I was getting to many bugs), it drew attention to my site and they locked it down with forcing user log in.

Soooo now I’m going to look at to rebuild the wiki. If it works, I’ll move my website over as well because I hate Joomla. I can’t have my site down for another week or two while I’m waiting for the DNS to port again at this stage though 😦

When I bought the Joomla hosting, they gave me 5 sites and domain names as part of the package so I was considering building the wiki using Joomla, but it’s to friggin complicated and non user friendly I think.

Thanks for your suggestion Kelvin, I have DEFINATELY taken it on board! Oh before I run away though do you know if using or is a better option if you need lots of add ons and a pretty content full site with add ons? I need to basically make a wiki on a website so lots of menu options etc and REALLY user friendly.


Comment by Lucy Blake

Lucy, you have stuff the Qld girls don’t. We’ve met and your spark lit me up leaving me smiling. I follow every entry on your blog and loved the pictures of the airport in Cairns. Good luck with your fights with the ISPs.

Comment by David

Awwwww David thank you sooooo much!

I’ve met alot of the QLD ladies I think they are gorgeous on the inside and out so it means loads to me you think I’m just as lovely 🙂 I LOVED Cairns and I’d love to go back for a visit. I have two weeks to go in my straight job and have no idea what to do with myself after my time is up, but I LOVE the people in QLD so I’d love to be brave enough to stay. You definitely help me make my decision (NSW people aren’t as good at the saying lovely things as you are! hehehee)

Take care David and I hope you have a smiley good day,


Comment by Lucy Blake

Use wordpress instead of Drupal or Joomla. It is much easier to understand at the backend and almost as powerful, perfect for what you need. Want to do a trade 😉

Comment by help

HA! Do a trade hahahaaa. I found the BEST chocolate and custard profiteroles in QLD the other day. I’d be happy to trade you some of the yummiest profiteroles EVER for a fully built wiki! Waaaaanna? (Tigger the tiger says that). I’ll even sit there and smile super sweetly while you build it and gobble your sweet treats (and nooooo I’m not talking about gobbling up my bagina!)

Thanks for your help HELP! I’m going to look at rebuilding my wiki using WordPress. Do you happen to know if I should go with or


Comment by Lucy Blake

I always look forward to the next installment of your blog to try and keep up with the always interesting roller coaster ride that is the life of an interglactical princess

Comment by peter.88188

Hi Peter!

Was lovely talking to you the other day 🙂 Make sure you’re being a good boy because I watch and hear all sorts of things about you. Two people can play the stalking game sunshine heheheee.

Have a great day Peter


Comment by Lucy Blake

Awww thanks Colin – you’re a sweetheart as you always have been. I’m very lucky to have such a lovely soul participating with me in my blog 🙂

Hope you’re doing well Mr Colin and you’ve got your smile on your dial


Comment by Lucy Blake

Hi Lucy,
I always look forward to reading your blogs no matter the topic.
Kind Regards

Comment by Colin

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