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My stupid website is down
June 8, 2010, 9:36 am
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I am struggling to work out why I don’t just move my entire website here.

I have to wait 24 – 72 hours for them to even look at the issue because the online techsupport couldn’t fix it in 8 minutes. Gone are the days of 6 months ago when they’d address it immediately…..

…..oh but of course it can be looked at straight away IF I pay them US$30 per month.

They break my site migrating it to a new platform and then expect me to pay US$30 to have them address it within a 3 day time period. I lose money, damage my reputation, spend my time in online chat and they expect me to pay for the priviledge.

That’s US$360 a year on top of the website hosting/email I pay them for, having my domain blah blah blah. Every hooker can afford that!


Anyhoooo, I have received several emails and text messages from people letting me know. Thanks for letting me know gentlemen and I’m getting it fixed ASAP 🙂

Might just move my domain name to a weblog. I’m making lots of websites for workers at the moment using weblogs and never had a problem.

Did I say WANKERS!?!




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Hi Lucy,One always thought that car sales people where an breed all to themselves.After buying two laptops for high school (yep they are in high school)then have have some computer person come to the house to set up network. I have realize that both car sales and computer people are both the same.

Comment by Colin

Hmm if you move it here will you lose your SEO stuff? Other than that not a bad idea you’re getting cleverer at this and I love the pic on your banner here 🙂

Comment by Georgia French

I though that I had been banned also. I resolved not to even try to view your Lusciousness’ site for witicisms any more lest you think I was a stalker It’s all clear now though. Almost lost me though…

Comment by Lemmid

aaaaw sweetheart I’d never ban you – hmmm but why do you have a guilty conscience?! HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE SHED AGAIN?!?!?


Comment by Lucy Blake

What a relief to get your email, I thought I had been banned.

PS Hi Colin, hope you are well too

Comment by Peter.88188

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