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They handyman and the rope

Ello ello,

Yup it’s been a while since I was last here, but now I’m here and of course I have new drama. Drama drama drama. Yeaaay DRAMA!

Sooo today’s drama will be about…. ummm the Handy Man who came to visit. Yup he came to visit my apartment to service the air conditioner. I let Mr HandyMan in and off I troddled on my little trotters to work. I get home 6.5 hours later and the door handle is missing on my front door. I look through the big hole where the door handle should be and there was the HandyMan standing as still as a statue in the middle of the room staring at the roof.

I put my mouth near the hole and screamed out  “BOO MR HANDYMAN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY DOOR?!” Mr HandyMan was very upset. He said he called the real estate agent to tell them he was locked in 20 minutes after I left and they said they’d call him back but they never did.

I called the real estate to find out what the frig was going on and spoke to my unit manager chickadee. She said “OMG I totally forgot about him! I got a message just before lunch but I forgot to call him back, I’m so sorry!”.

Anyhoo the long and the short of it is Miss Real Estate called another Mr HandyMan to let the current Mr HandyMan out and to fix the lock. When I got inside I checked everything out to see what he had been doing for the last 6 hours. I walked around and around and found my ropes out and my toys reorganised. Fair enough I thought, it’s good to keep busy, but then I walked into the bathroom and found oil all over the floor.

Handyman likes playing in my toolbox

Handyman likes playing in my toolbox

Eeew that’s a nasty looking dildo – excuse the pic – and noooo I don’t stick it up anyone’s butt, I only have it to take pictures for my straight job with – god that sounds bad… don’t ask…

So I spent all night cleaning oil off my bathroom floor (lucky I use water soluble oil). The moral to the story is, it’s good to leave your toys out for Mr HandyMan to play with, but HIDE YOUR OIL!

Mwaah Mwaah!




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Hi Lucy,Peter.
‘Where else but Queensland’ Gods country where to spell beer is xxxx,most southern states have either dogs are cats as pets but Qld it the cane toad.

Comment by Colin

Ello Peter – I don’t know about time stamps. That’s all to blokey technical for me.

I’ve always ended my sentences in but. I’m working with an editor in my current job and I drive her nuts because I speak backwards and because I write like I speak out loud, I write backwards. I am trying to learn not to write “but” at the end of a sentence but.


Comment by Lucy Blake

Just noticed the time stamp on my comment. what time zone is your blog in?

Comment by peter.88188

Lucy you are starting to sound like a Queenslander, ending your sentence in but

Comment by peter.88188

What sort of bloody doofus handyman is he if he can’t get out? Not so handy if you ask me

Comment by GF

He was an air conditioner, change light bulb, put cupboard doors on, unblock drains dumb doesn’t know anything handyman. Mind you, I was pretty impressed he managed to rip the handle off the door. The next week when I was locked out, I tried to do that but couldn’t.

Still oil on the floor – I wanted to dock his pay for that. Gross – no cum but 🙂

Comment by Lucy Blake

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