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The Intergalactical Regional Roadshow!

Hello People’s!

Well last week I was on an adventure to Townsville and Cairns. Nearly everything went to plan even, except of course me missing 2 planes… one of them wasn’t my fault! One of them was I suppose… well kind of. Oh and then I got locked out of my unit and had to sleep in the hallway for 4 hours waiting for Mr Handyman to arrive to fix the lock on my door again pfft (see blog below).

So first stop was Townsville and my first missed plane that was only kind of my fault. I waited for a taxi in Brisbane for an hour and 3 minutes. I called and ordered 12 taxis on the phone and then finally one magically appeared… WOOSHKA! Of course the locals were out in force also looking for taxis (I live in the Kings Cross of Brisbane), so when one appeared I had the person hanging to get to their methadone clinic on time saying it was there taxi. I looked at them from under my eyebrows and in my best welfare worker voice “IT’s MINE BACK OFF” and aaaaaway we goooooo.

Mr Taxi Driver and I had a big fight when we saw a horse rolling around on its back in a paddock by the side of the road. We just couldn’t seem to agree on why horses roll around on their backs. I said it was because they were itchy and were having a scratch. He reckons it’s because they were sick and had mad cow disease so he wanted to stop and call the RSPCA. Dumb arse. I explained to him we don’t have mad cow disease in suburban Brisbane to which he responded “so girly you think you know everything. You with your pretty face and your big mouth”. I explained of course I know everything because I’m a girl so keep going to the airport before I missed my plane. So of course he stopped with me having 30 minutes left until my plane leaves. Dumb arse. He then called the RSPCA and left me standing by the side of the road trying to find another taxi. I tried to make him call me another taxi but he said he didn’t like my attitude and said “girly f**k off”.

So I stood there calling another 3 taxis before one finally turned up, 20 minutes after my plane left. That’s ok though, it gave me 50 minutes in total to work out a lie to tell my boss of why I missed the plane. Trouble is she is hardcore and knows all of the tricks because she’s an ex sex worker so I just went with “sorry man, I f**ked up” (eew so much swearing, sorry and stuff!).

Sooo I got there and had to buy a new ticket. Luckily I only had to pay $50 for a transfer. Then I sat at the airport for 3 hours trying to stay awake until my plane left. I explored all of the toilets, did my favorite thing of hanging out at the over sized baggage counter to watch all of the weird stuff being checked in and then decided to try and keep awake by calling the Manager at work who can talk more than anyone else on the planet and try and out talk them. Mission accomplished I WIN! Wooohooo! (was there ever any doubt?!)

So eventually I get to Townsville… yeaaaay 🙂 I LOVE Townsville! Everyone says hello to you when you walk down the street! Now for the slide show…..

Australian Services Union
Australian Services Union – not the dickless wonders they are in NSW!
A real PUB!!
A real PUB!! They actually still have real pubs in Townsville, not those ridiculous stainless stell boxes they have in Sydney!
Inside a REAL PROPER Pub!
Inside a REAL PROPER Pub! Seeeee no stainless steal or people trying to be fancy in site!
There's gorilla's living in those mountains
There’s gorilla’s living in those mountains – you can tell because there’s mist and gorilla’s ALWAYS live in the mist yup
This is the Penthouse I was staying in for $80 a night
This is the Penthouse I was staying in for $80 a night

… any ladies out there who would like to know a super cool place to stay when touring, let me know 🙂

Lucy on her way to work on her Intergalactical Adventure

Lucy on her way to work on her Intergalactical Adventure

There's a big bloody mountain in the middle of the town!

There's a big bloody mountain in the middle of the town!

I walked all the way to the top, put my arms out and squeeled WEEEEEEEEE! I LOVE being on top of windy mountains

Off to Cairns next!




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Hi Lucy,
The survival equipment in IGP backpack for any adventure would be interesting

Comment by Colin

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