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Intergalactical Cairns Adventure!

Sooo next stop was Cairns!

Cairns was a tad hmmm non interesting – GOOOOORGEOUS, but non interesting. I wasn’t there long enough for any drama to happen beyond having a bomb scare and a missed flight. Oooow OOOOOW but there was however a……


The GIANT jelly bean!

The GIANT jelly bean!

He was kind of rude but because he had his hands wrapped around his goonie googoos. WHY would someone make a giant jelly bean holding their naughty bits? There was 6 of them, all different colors, all holding their bollocks!

Hmmm and then there was the airport….

This is the ground I stared at

This is the ground I stared at

This is the bin I sat next too

This is the bin I sat next too

Sooo there I sat waiting waiting waiting for the plane because my proper plane I was suppose to be on, believed I wasn’t suppose to be on it! Someone had booked the plane in someone elses name so it left me behind 😦 SO then I had to buy a new ticket and wait 4 hours for the next one to leave 😦 I was MOST sad I was 😦 There is NOTHING to do at Cairns airport so I sat gobbling chocolate. I was afraid if I stopped, I’d have a sugar rush crash and fall asleep so I had no choice but to keep gobbling. Oh and then when I wanted to buy a new ticket, the bomb alarm noise went off and everyone had to leave the airport so I couldn’t buy a ticket.

Anyhoooo eventually I got home. HOWEVER…. when I got home, the lock on my front door was broken so I couldn’t get in. So began the 4 hour wait for the stoopid Mr HandyMan who broke it in the first place. Why they insist on calling the handyman who cocked it up in the first place, I do not know.

I was BUSTING to peeeeeeee but I had all of my bags with me. After a few hours I worked out I could squish them all into the fire hose cupboard so I could pee. Of course though I couldn’t go pee because I was waiting for the stupid handyman so then I had to pull them all out again so I could sleep on them.

Anyhoooo I decided to go to sleep in the hallway on the floor and in between turning over and calling Virgin to be abused and abuse them in return (I HATE VIRGIN AIRLINE!), I was watching the door down the hall. There’s a working lady who tours working down the hall from me. She is SOOOOOOO BUSY! I have NEVER seen ANYTHING like it! I don’t know what she’s got, but she has the best clients EVER! They all bring her prizes. Maybe I need to start doing half hours – she does ALOT of half hours.

Anyway, eventually I got in and now I’m hibernating until tomorrow morning when I have to go for “clinical supervision”. That’s where one goes along to a psychotherapist and gets tortured over life and work. Blaargh.

SO anyhooo that’s my magical tour to Cairns! OMG and I have to write about my visit to a fortune teller/tarot card reader!





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I like the new format, it is easier to read

Comment by Peter.88188

And you seem to have fixed the time stamp on the comments, thank you

Comment by peter.88188

I have to agree with Lemmid, and I think I have said it to you myself on at least one occasion. You really should think about it!

Comment by peter.88188

You have many talents Luciousness but I wish you would heed my advice rendered to you on many naughty occasions. You have a real talent for humorous story telling that should be harnessed. The best comics writers and raconteurs can make the mundane really funny. You have that gift. Obviously stand up comedy about your life as a hooker would be not only brave but hurt your privacy (it would be hilarious however as long as you didn’t mention anything about Lemm). But short of doing that and I can see every reason not to…there must be some pseudonymn you could use in publishing some sort of short musings about topics ranging from hooking to just seeing a jellyman statue that a publisher would grab. You already have so much you have already written that could be used. Now this is not just feeding your ego little one…..think about it!!

Your Lemm

Comment by Lemmid

Hi Lucy,
I always thought Cains airport was massive?. Fortune teller/tarot card reader?,Some times I would like to know what the future has in store

Comment by Colin

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