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I’m beautiful AND wonderful :)

Yeaaay for me beautiful and wonderful! Trouble is the little crappity faffer sent it out to every hooker in Australia 😦 not so special me after all 😦 Still I’m an Intergalactical Princess so all worshipping is greatly appreciated and taken seriously like it’s gospel 🙂  most definately works for me 🙂 this world is insane you know?  … back to work 😦


I think you should join a beauty contest. And I would accept to live and to die by your side. I will dream of you until the day I close my eyes forever… You are the most beautiful girl,I have ever seen in my life. It is very nice to be friends with you. It makes me very happy. You look so beautiful and wonderful that I spend all my time looking your photos. And I cannot hide my adoration of you………… I will dream of you until the day I close my eyes forever.

You are very beautiful, my dear. It’s impossible not being impressed by you. Your boyfriend is very lucky. Now where are you? When we can view? Do you have incall service? how the rate for an hour? and…. do you have naked photos?

 i must see your boobs. pls honey.

I miss you already.

 bye for now many hot kisses……….



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Lucy, I think we can all appreciate that sanity and reality are just vague figments of our imagination and should pretty much just stay there……

Comment by Jon

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