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Hi everyone!

I’ve been dead busy with straight work so haven’t had a chance to get to blogging or anything else. I’ve written 22 fact sheets on STI’s in 2 days and my ooodles of nooodles are fried. That’s right folks.. I have hokkien noodle brain.

HOWEVER… I was just doing my rounds of reading blogs etc and saw one I found most distressing. I’m not going to mention who’s it was or anything about the person who wrote it because I think it’s ridiculous and not an outstanding advert for your professionalism to slag or slander other people. What I will say though is this particular blog slandered a very good friend of mine and it freaks me out to hear her being spoken about the way this blog has.

The person is Georgia French. Georgia has been with me through my hardest times. When I have been dead depressed and haven’t left my unit for 6 weeks beyond going out every 9 days or so to stock up on bread, milk and strawberry jam at 4am to the local convenience store (I go that time so no-one will see me) Georgia has been there for me. My last birthday all of my friends decided they had better things to do (and they did so no hard feelings), Georgia came to my house, we ate cookies and hung out. If Georiga knows I haven’t been eating, she brings me tupperware full of baked dinner complete with gravy, baked potatoes and all the other trimmings. She’ll just magically arrives on my door step with exactly what I need before I’m prepared to acknowledge I need it.

Georgia has helped me no charge to make countless numbers of banners, header and footer images for countless ladies websites. She is a strong supporter of a group I am a member of that advocates and lobbies for private workers rights in NSW. This site here… I developed the site, Georgia made the banners, formatted all documents and has done a shit load of work with me and all the other members of the group behind the scenes. Georgia gives and gives and gives to her friends and to complete strangers she doesn’t even know who are sex workers in this industry which makes me a little cranky when she is slandered and slagged.

Anyhooo I hope the slagging stops here. I have consciously made the decision not to be nasty to any other forums, website, person etc on my blog or anywhere else, because I think it plays into nasty people’s hands. It is a nasty, spiteful practice to attack people in any forum/medium let alone in one they have no way to reply (not that they’d bother).

I hope it stops here. If people come after me for it with ridiculous blogs, another 30 pages on my own personal hate thread on a particular forum, whatever, so be it.

All I will say is, I vouch for Georgia French, her professionalism, her niceness and her soul.

Let’s play nice people … is life not hard enough, short enough? Does the fact we live and breath another day not deserve our respect? Life is for living and laughing and fighting for the right to do so for ourselves and others. We can’t do that if we are at each others throats.

HUGE HUGS to you Georgia and HUGE HUGS to everyone out there.

Yours in solidarity to all sex workers,



Georgia French Sydney Escort

Georgia French Sydney Escort


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Comment by Annie Trix

Excellent article !
It’s a pleasure to read your posts

Comment by edouardo

Good looking your profile

Comment by sgmissfoxy19

Hi Lucy! Your entries are amazing. Many local Darwin escorts are picking up from your experiences, especially those that are starting in the industry.

Thanks so much. Keep blogging! 🙂

Comment by Asher

I happened to be reading the blog of a beautiful, intelligent, plain spoken woman who cares about sex workers rights and wants to make a difference.

Sound like anyone we all know? Yes, well it should, but it wasn’t yours Lucy, it was the blog of someone who you might have been when you were 26. The blog of the young woman who THIS blog entry is a reply too. (There is a link to her in the comments section there).

I don’t think you have ever met, but I have met both of you (in 2005 in your case, last week at a social do in hers) and there is the same sort of vitality, of passion for what you care about, of fun – in both of you (along with the same sort of bodyshape and nearly the same height).

I think you could be great allies in making what you both care about happen.

I know she does not always know when to stop adding details (thus your blog entry here), but that will come in time. You have learnt a lot over the last 10 years, no?

I do hope in time that you are able to become allies – because that would be a powerful thing to see.

At least there is one positive from all this – I found your blog! And it’s a GREAT blog Lucy.

I have laughed out loud so many times reading all the way though it!



Comment by Richard

I was distressed to hear that you were alone on you Birthday my Luciousness. All you needed to have done is SMS Lemmie and he would have given you one of his special hugs (amongst other things).

Panting for your return


Comment by Lemmid

I was distressed to hear that you were alone on you Birthday my Luciousness. All you needed to have done is SMS Lemmie and he would have given you one of his special hugs (amongst other things).

Panting for your return


Comment by Anonymous

Having met both of you lovely ladies (and I do mean ladies in every sense of the word) in the past (but never at the same time, despite trying), I also hope whatever you are alluding to stops. Neither of you deserve to have your character assassinated in any blog or forum as you have both tried very hard to help others in your profession as well as those not in your profession.

I’ll also continue to send birthday greetings to you as your birthday. Thankfully it is an easy date to remember.

Comment by peter.88188

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