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I had some more photo’s taken! This time I was encouraged to strike a pose like a super model. Unfortunately I wasn’t to good at it, so we swapped to striking a pose like a pornstar. Unfortunately I was no good at that either so it turned toooo…

just sit still and stop talking! and this is what happened….

Lucy Blake Australian Escort

Lucy Blake Australian Escort

That’s me trying to strike my porn star pose…… 

Lucy Blake pretending to be a super model

Lucy Blake Australian escort pretending to be a super model

that’s me trying to strike my super model pose….. aaaaaw how pweeeeetty… NOT! Why can’t I be gooooooooorgeous?!?!

Lucy Blake being Quiet

Lucy Blake being quiet for once!

ssssshhhhh I’m being quiet! …..   looking at the house boats having the supremely good idea of moving onto one. Now I just have to work out how to sail a house boat to the Philipines so I can reitre to hot, sweaty weather with a mango juice in my hand.

eeeeck the red headed Australian Escort

me with orange hair!

 I’m not sure how I’m liking this whole unphotoshopped pictures kick I’m on at the moment. I need to update the pictures on my site, but I’m frightened my webmistress who looks after that site will divorce me if I don’t give her photoshopped pictures. Aaaargh the constipation involved in being a sex worker is immense!

I have had a run of issues shall we say… I frightened someone the other day when I was in Lucy mode. I have to stick to my age range of 38+ . People who are younger than 38 don’t understand. How do you say to someone you need to have a certain number of years up to cope or know to laugh at it at the very least. I simply don’t know how to be normal, so when faced with the prospect it completely freaks me out and I don’t know what to do. I can sequence the most complicated, intense, difficult scenario’s, but ask / expect / demand I act like a normal escort and I’m completely lost.

I have been spending some time with ladies in Brisbane and they are so lovely and sweet and just the most femine lovely people you could meet. I sit there and think “eeeep I’m never going to be able to go back to the day when I was you”. How do you revert back to normal, once you’ve become?

That’s why the Sienna and Nikki are helping me take pictures of me dressed and posing like a ‘normal’ girl.

oh blimey they’re stabbing a vampire on TV and she’s not happy!! eew she’s hissing like a manx

So I have decided to go on a “be normal” kick… like a diet I think. The thing is, I can’t remember a time I ever did anything normal. Hell when I first started I specialised in doing wicked twisted things… the escort agency I worked with gave me specific training and mentoring in being weird and doing abnormal things. I was the ‘go anywhere, do anything girl’ as long as it’s something everyone else would say no to.

So everyone cross your fingers and toes… I’m on a mission to be normal.

God it’s never going to work

Once again I’d like to thank the gorgiferous Sienna for being such a sweet heart and sharing some laughs with me and her sweet loveliness alllllllllll day.

There aren’t words to say how lovely and generous you are with your time and your spirit





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Yes non-photoshop Lucy is exactly perfect in that non normal way that cannot be beat! You’re gorgeous, girl, and don’t ever forget it! Very few can fill a tight-fitting dress the way you can! Luv the pics!


Comment by Mark

Careful what You wish for, Lucy.

I don’t want to burst your bubble (unless you are into that sort of thing), but trust me when I tell You that the ‘normalcy’ that you seek is little more than the thcollective noun for tedium and mediocraty.

Do you really think that the so-called normal people enjoy their so-called normal lives?Succumbing to abnormal pressures just to appear normal. Look deep into the eyes of any Accountant, Dental Hygienist or Back Office Manager and you will see what I mean. These tortured souls will do anything not to appear too normal. In fact, entire industries have sprung up trying to cash in on the middle class need for a little bit of individuality.

That’s why Your Accountant feels compelled to wear those whacky and Zany Ties (You know, the ones with Disney Characters carefully hidden amongst the paisley), the average Dental Hygienist has the Chinese Character for Won Ton tattooed on her upper thigh (She thought it was Wanton, and it made her feel a little bit naughty at the time), and the Back Office manager drinks her Nescafe from a mug which boldly declares “You don’t have to be Mad to work here, but it helps!!!”

Trust me when I tell You that these people don’t write interesting Blogs, and certainly don’t have exotic photo shoots taken of them. Even if they did, no amount of photo shopping could add any real color to their lives or return the lost sparkle to glazed eyes.

Is that really the life that You want? I hope not, but if so, perhaps I can interest You in myNormalcy for Beginners Starter Kit. For one low price, only $19.95 + P&H* you will receive”
Monthly subscription to Better Homes and Gardens
Woman’s Weekly Guide to50 Fabulous things you can do with Mince
A coffee Mug with a picture of a puddy cat and the the logo “Purrrrrfect”
A waving Garfield to stick on your car window
a Pair of Sponge Bob Square Pants Socks

Our Gold Class kit also includes a mortgage to a home that you can’t really afford and a heart condition
Anyway, now that You have all of the facts about “normal Life”, I am sure that You will make the right decision. If not, I will really miss Your blogs.
Be good. Have fun. Stay Safe

* P &H , all of your future Plans and Hopes

Comment by Anonymous

HAhahaaaa wonton tattoo! hahahaaa

Being strange does afford you the curious luxury (? maybe ?) of being able to do what you like, when you like and it generally doesn’t occur to you that your way is a bit sideways because you don’t realise it, which I suppose would be considered liberating.

When it is ANNOYING is when you meet someone who needs you to conform or be ‘normal’ and you have absolutely no ability to do it.

As someone who is supposedly providing a ‘service’, I just feel bad if I’m not able to give the person what they need. I don’t see people as wham bammers, rather people who need to be seen and heard and to feel like people, so when you can’t give them the magic they are looking for, it can make you feel really guilty and sad for them and make you hate yourself for being so inept at the most basic of things in life – being normal.

I’ll never be able to be normal, but it would be nice to be able to pull it off if someone really needed it to feel better.

I’m going to write a blog about it! eeew they groan… that’ll be as boring as reading a blog on horroscopes – soooooo girlie heheheee

Thanks for your well thought thru comment – I LAUGHED and laughed when I read it and was nodding my head the entire time 🙂


Comment by Lucy Blake

nice pics Lucy!

Comment by Rhys

Glad you and the trotter survived, and may I say you are looking good without photoshop

Comment by Peter.88188

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