Lucy Blake's Weblog

Lucy had a photoshoot!

… and there was singing and laughing and tea and lollies and dinner and serious faces and silly faces and… oh yerrrrs nakedness. We all have the divine Miss Sienna to thank….

sneak peak…..

The Lucy Bottom

Lucy Blake's bottom

yummy bottoms

Lucy Blake's Naughty Bit

This is my naughty bit

yummy naughty bit.. and no you can’t touch it! heheheee

Lucy Blake Intergalactical Princess

Lucy Blake Intergalactical Princess and Australian Escort

.. and yes I know I know, there is no girl sweet lingerie AGAIN. We took a whole bunch of me in lingerie but they looked really normal to me so I deleted them all heheheee. I do have some of me in lingerie and a corset, but I need to fix them up before I put them up (blur my face).

I’ve decided to go down the path of not doing any photoshopping from now on (or for the minute anyway because I’m a girl so I’ll change my mind), so what you see just may be what you get to get your mits on!

I’ll blog about the photoshoot properly when I don’t have to get up for work in 3 hours. Night night gentlemen and bad bad dreams 😉




ps. Sienna you are the absolute bestest in the world! Thank you so much for all of the laughs, time and just for being such a lovely generous person. I can see why the world adores you – you’re just gorgeous 🙂


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me tied up while you feeding me vegemite toast and zzz zzzz? I had no idea until now: BUT I WANT THAT SO MUCH! Geez, talk about creating demand!

I’m so your geek right now!

xx zz xx

Comment by Mark

Superb..As Mark said – there is nothing like sexy ladies in uniform!!

Comment by Escortjob

I wounder if work would mind if i replace the photo on my screen saver with these photos

Comment by Colin

GO FOR IT I say Colin


Comment by Lucy Blake

dressed like that…you picked a fine time to leave me Lucille 😛

veddy niiiice!

get back here so you can zzz! zzz! me with your boots on! 😛 got a pretty picture for ya and everything!

hope things are going well!

Comment by Mark

Oooow an open invitation to zzz zzzzzzz. Ooow ooow I am getting a new zzz zzzz machine and it’s remote control so I don’t even have to sit in the same room! I can go out for coffee (as long as it’s within 100 metres) and zzz zzzzzz from afar! You could literally be tied to my bed for weeeeeeeeeks for the good zzz zzzzzz loving now while I pop out to buy mango juice and toast supplies to feed you to keep your energy up! The hostess with the mostess including zzz zzzzz AND vegemite toast 🙂 I’d do it for you Mark 🙂

Thanks for your comment angel 🙂

Comment by Lucy Blake

Nothing like a lady in uniform.

Comment by Colin

Nothing like a good photoshoot to lift a girl’s spirits (and possibly have an uplifting effect on guys too!). You are looking great, and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures.

Comment by Peter.88188

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