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Lucy is Leaving Sydney

Hi Everyone,

Well this week I went for an  interview for a job I never thought I’d get and I got it! The job is based in Queensland so I’m moving up there for the duration of the 6 month contract (if I come back at all).

I kind of applied for it because I was bored at 4am when I couldn’t sleep one day and did it to pass the time and never thought I’d actually get it.  It’s kind of one of those jobs you wish you could one day get and I certainly never thought I could talk anyone into giving it to me.

Anyhooo the last day I will be available in Sydney will be the 10th January at this stage.  That’s not finalised, but that’s probably the date I’ll be aiming for because i have to pack up my life and store it before I leave which will take some time.

I wont be taking any time off over Christmas or New Year, so if you feel like you haven’t LIVED until you’ve had the Lucy Blake Experience (Gawd that’s wanky), then best you give me a call or send me an email – I have storage to pay for blaaargh

I’ll spew forth some more stuff when I’m in the moooood.. not now but 🙂




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Take Care Miss L. We will miss you!

Sir K …..

Comment by Martin


huh um. excuse me. move along 😦

Comment by Mark

I will miss you toooo much 😦

Comment by GF

Good luck Lucy, I look forward to following your new career on your blog. I would love to see you before you go but that is not possible.

Comment by Peter.88188

All the best, Lucy. I’m sure you’ll do great up there. Have a Merry Christmas. Hope we can catch up before you go.

Comment by Sam

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