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I met the coolest Police Man today!

I met the coolest Police Officer today! Not something you’d probably think you’d ever hear a sex worker say, but I actually think they are pretty cool.

I use to work somewhere that worked with Police to train them about sex workers.  98% of them would walk out of the training still thinking “dirty slags”, but 2% you could see really got it. One of the things we did with them was show them that sex workers and Police are pretty much in the same boat. We’d get the sex workers who came along to write down all of the issues they faced as sex workers and the Police to do the same. It always turned out we had the same stuff in common like

  • When you go out with friends, you could never tell them what was happening in a major chunk of your life
  • Never seemed to be able to really connect with anyone but your collegues and other people would get intimidate by your personality/presence, so you pretend to be someone else
  • Always feel like an outsider
  • Never tell anyone what you do for a living if you go to a party or a bar
  • If  people found out what you do for a living they’d ask stoopid questions or not talk to you

Basically Police and Sex Workers always feel like they have to hide in case someone finds out what they are and what they do…. I believe the words “judegement” and “stereotype” were common themes.

So anyhoooo I find I always get on quite well with the Police – they have the same sense of humour and way of looking at the world which I find comfortable.

Soooo anyhoo, I was at this beach and these men were standing in the trees jacking off. I was ok with that until I realised it wasn’t a beat (where men go to have sex with men), they were standing there jerking off looking at me and other woman walking by.  I thought about it for a while thinking “whats the harm?”, then I thought “the bloody harm is they pissed me off!”. So I called the Police and one came out to catch them. Of course they never get anywhere on time, so we had a chat instead (me and the Police man that is, not the jerk offs).

I told him I didn’t mind they were doing it until I realised it wasn’t a beat and he told me the beat was 20 metres up the beach. He said I sounded outraged and I explained it pissed me off people would think it’s ok to take advantage of me walking past and jerking off at my expense. He said I sounded like a sex worker and then I flew into defensive mode, told him I was and got ready to give him the sex worker liaison training. Turns out he didn’t need it and was super cool! We talked about beats, their pros and cons and my goal to establish them when I become Premier of NSW, current regulation of the Sex Industry, where to get the best strawberry and mango ice cream… was a very rewarding conversation.

Anyhooo I’ve decided not to go near beaches anymore because they are full of annoying pervy weirdos, but next time you see a Police Officer, I encourage you to smile sweetly and be super cool because they’re just like hookers and we love hookers 🙂

Anyhoooo night night




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List of priorities of when Lucy becomes the Premier of NSW
1. Reform the public service sector,get rid of all the drift wood.
2. Do away with local councils.
3. Shift the Health from state to federal.
4. Have a referendum on the sex industry.
My view on this is bring the sex industry out in to the open then have a debate. Maybe one day it will stop domestic violence plus sex attacks.
5.Change the eduction system.
Bring back the campaign theme of 1972 ”ITS TIME”Vote Now for Lucy

Comment by Col

Hi Lucy,
When is the next state election?. I will be there to hand out how to the vote for Lucy cards.
Lucy this state needs someone to pull it out of the toilet bowl it is in

Comment by Col

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